am I the only Utahn in here?

  1. I feel alone sometimes cuz I live in this little crappy state!! lol
  2. Lol I don't live in Utah but close.... I live in Colorado.
  3. i went
    to utah to ski on thanksgiving!
    its not a crappy state.. at least salt lake wasnt...
    snowbird valley was one of the nicest places ive EVER been.
  4. my DH came back from Salt Lake today, he loves the snow and he wants to go skiing. He really likes Salt Lake. I've been once and I liked it but I don't want to live any where near the snow and I'm not the skiing type.

    It can't be that bad can it?
  5. Utah isn't that bad, unless you're in a dry county. ;)
    Park City is pretty gorgeous.
  6. I love Park City! Utah's not so bad.
  7. I live in Colorado, too ;)
  8. Well it could be worse..I live in Alaska...wanna trade places? :yes:
  9. how is this related to LV???
  10. it's not and it should technically be moved to the general discussion forum...
  11. I agree:

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