Am I the only Stella McCartney fan?

  1. I found a few of Stella's bags at Neiman's this week and I had to buy one- not the best photos but I just love this new bag which has a sparkly black finish (homage to metallic) and absoutely wonderful hardware - I am a new big fan of this wonderful designer who is totally "green"
    Stella One.jpg Stella three.jpg
  2. Very nice!
  3. Great!
  4. I love her designs, but I find her stuff too expensive! I applaud her for going green, but if she's going to use cheaper synthetic materials, then shouldn't the price reflect that? JMO
  5. ITA... I like the look of a lot of the bags (and the one you got is hot!) but if I can't justify the same money I'd spend for fine leather on fabric or synthetic bags.
  6. Lovely bag.
    I really like it.
  7. Lovely bag!
  8. But don't we pay a high price for canvas and vinyl and other non-leather designer bags?
  9. I think she has some cute designs. Is the faux leather really nice? I always worry about faux leather giving off plasticy odors.
  10. That's nice!
  11. The quality is excellent - certainly no smell - it looks gorgeous, I only wish my camera could capture the style and quality. It's really fun not to see yourself coming and going with LV, Gucci, etc. people really look at it and wonder - I already received a compliment from a stranger -
  12. I love her! She is against using animal materials, that is why she uses faux leather which I like, because I am against animal cruelty. And she is a wondeful designer! I love her shoes and by the looks of it, she know whats shes doing in the bag department as well.
  13. Yes, but people pay top dollar for other brands too i.e. louis vuitton. So if the quality is great, why should she justify the price?
  14. I totally agree! I love her styles (at least some of them anyway, she came out with some shoes that look like her feet got tangle up in boat rope or a hammock. :yucky: ) but I cannot justify paying those prices for vinyl bags that look like I got them at walmart.

    In my opinion, if you are going to go green, then use fabric. The vinyl looks like vinyl, "green" or not.
  15. That's good to know, because I sometimes see cute styles on Net-a-Porter, but I pass on them, because of my negative experiences with faux leather.