Am I the only person who's shy to post pics of new family members?

  1. As some of you might already know, I've recently acquired a new baby. :love: However due to a combination of overwhelming shyness, favoring my privacy and a trully HORRID experience on a prior board, I just can get myself to post the attachment.

    Am the only one like this? Why do you not post?
  2. I am like that too but it's to hide implications, because I'm terrible with taking photographs, and I cannot tie pretty bows =(
  3. Well, not that I have anything to show for at the moment but I wouldn't be posting my H bags for the same reasons that you've mentioned. For my other brands of bags, that's a different story.
  4. Oh...what kind of Horrid, experience have you encountered? Im curious?
    Is there CONS in posting your newly acquired Hermes purchase? :wtf:

    Hmmm? I would like to know.:smile:
  5. On other forums I belong to I have had people make snide remarks on how I will spend X amount of dollars on my handbag but am too cheap to shell out a certain amount for a hotel room.

    Other people assume that I have money trees growing in my backyard which is not at all true, I just saved up money for a VERY LONG time and I'm finally spending it starting last year. I don't even have a back yard!

    I even posted on my private blog before and some annoying teeny bopper accused me of buying fake bags because I was buying them below retail cost.
  6. HL, you know how I feel about this: I'm like you, much too shy... although I don't mind posting a pic in a specific thread that requires it, or in the members items for ref thread... I will probably post my two latest acquisitions in the members' items thread, so that it's a bit incognito, KWIM!!!LOL!;)
  7. HL, seen any pictures of my items? I had a bad experience also with posting pictures of my items.
  8. I haven't posted a pic either...but my issue is more the tech issue. LOL!

    I suppose privacy doesn't hurt either, but I am techless.
  9. While I enjoy looking at others' pics, I really feel that one's security is compromised by putting too much information out here.
  10. Don't worry about not posting pics if you don't want to, I'm sure there are lots of others the same. However, since I joined this forum and have plucked up the courage and posted a few pics, I have had nothing but lovely positive comments, it's all very encouraging and I would post more pics if I had the time. If you take the plunge, I am sure this is the right forum, the ladies here are so polite and enthusiastic.
  11. I have been posting pics of all my new purchases without anything but lovely comments. It's been a joy to share my excitement with others that are equally enthusiastic about H.
  12. I am also shy about posting pics. When I have, everyone is very kind and encouraging. Understandably, they want modeling pix, and that's where I get really shy. I know you can block the face out, but I still can't bring myself to do it.:shrugs:
  13. I guess we all have our own level of comfort.

    I once PMed someone who blurted out something along the lines of being scared to admit much of anything about herself and then never replied back. I felt so bad for her. My little questions (polite interest mostly) seemed to scare her, for the same reasons you mentioned (someone had been cruel to a friend of hers or something)

    Just post what you're comfortable with. Build up trust, in the site and with your own comfort, and you'll be fine. There's no standard you have to acheive or conform with! :wlae:
  14. here, everyone is so sweet and there are sweet nice comments only~
    i've not taken any pictures..simply because i'm not good at taking photos= =i dont want my babies look bad in photos..that's all....
  15. Well said Angelfish.
    I feel very comfortable here now but I still can't bring myself to post pictures. Part of it is a tech problem (I totally understand you Kellybag) and part of it is my own shyness and concern.
    I really enjoy seeing others' pictures though and there are times I feel bad about not posting pictures, like I am not reciprocating the kindness and openness of others here. I am in awe of their willingness to share and I really appreciate it, and yet I can't bring myself to do the same.
    Anyway, I guess we all have to be ourselves.