Am I the only person who thinks Louboutins are overrated?

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  1. I probably am going to make some enemies from saying it, but I honestly dont understand what the huge draw is. Granted I have seen a few GORGEOUS pairs, most look so simple to me. I guess to each his own.
  2. ur entitled ur own opinion but for me they are the most comfortable shoes in the world. I used to wear only flats cuz i couldn't walk 5 mins in heels. Last yr i got my first pair of cl's and i fell in love. I can wear them for so long and not feel any pain. They finish off my outfits. I also get countless compliments and that makes 'em even more special.
  3. they are overrated, maybe...but they are very comftorable, even the 5" ones. I went from owing 0 in one month, to having 7 pairs at the end of the month. I love them.

  4. sweet which ones do u have???
  5. LOL. You are totally entitled to your opinion. As for any other brand, I decide on whether I like the shoe or not based on what it looks like, not because it's Chanel or Louboutin. There are several brands that make heinous things every year!

    But, I do find them to be very comfortable, especially considering how tall some of his heels are!
  6. A little maybe, but they're also sexy. I wish the bottoms were stronger.
  7. I think *maybe* they are overpriced, but he definitely has a unique talent for making extra-hot shoes. And yeah, they seem pretty comfortable for the height, etc. I have bought all of my pairs but one on sale, and on sale I thought they were worth it (obviously), but a lot of them I would not buy at full price.
  8. Overpriced? Probably. Overrated? I really don't think so.

    I think that their 4" and 5" heels are some of the most comfortable out there. I own everything from Max Azria to CL, Manolo, etc... and I think they are great. Like any shoe, CL has some styles that I think are ugly, but that doesn't ruin the brand as a whole or the styles I love.

    I think the very prive peep toe styles are some of the sexiest shoes out there hands down. Nothing can beat those.
  9. It's pretty much the same as what people think of Crocs. Some people like them and some people don't.

  10. 1. foxtrot
    2. silver pigalle
    3. nude decolette 868
    4. decolette eel 868
    5. black patent activa
    6. hot pink ernesta
    7. nude patent activa

    non CL, but purchased this month

    8.marc jacobs bow pump
    9.manolo blahnik nude patent ringo
    10. silver miu miu mary jane
    11. baby blue miu miu mary jane

    can you tell im obsessed with patent?
  11. great purchases. I wanted the foxtrots but they sold out in vancouver really fast
  12. I actually agree with you. I really *wanted* to like them but all the ones I tried on were uncomfortable unless I was walking on the padded carpet at Neiman's. The red sole is beautiful but I've noticed other designers doing red soles now too.
  13. Sorry I love them !
  14. Yes you are the only one.:flowers:

    I think his shoes are very expensive, but you really get what you pay for. I would never imagine purchasing a $500 pair of shoes, or in some instances more than that, unless I intended on wearing them for the next couple of years. I know with his shoes, I will have the option of doing just that.
  15. i used to think so too, until i tried a pair of his espadrilles on. normally this kind of shoe just looks sloppy but his looked awsome and sexy (and they were comfortable!)... but i still didn't buy them... so expensive

    then, later that week, i saw a woman with fabulously chic and sexy looking espadrilles on. they looked awesome even though they were the lower type of heel. normally this kind of shoe in the low heel just looks frumpy and soccer mom-sy but these looked awesome and made me do a double take.

    so i went and bought my first pair (in the high version) and i adore them. they are comfortable and chic and make me feel like a million dollars - even though i am like 9 months pregnant!!!