Am I The Only Person Who Does This?

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  1. I have a blue Valentino Histoire, so in my mind I don't need another Valentino or another blue bag. I have a purple Prada, so I don't need another purple bag or another Prada. I think I like to spread the love around all the brands and not duplicate colors. The only break in my rule is that I have a few different colored Chanels. Is that weird?
  2. LOL! no at all! Amen sistah!!! :ghi5:

    (down to the chanels!)
  3. For the most part I tend to do the same thing. Until Iyou have a vast range of colors in the rainbow why buy similar shades that would pertain to the same outfit? lol

    Once I tackle every color I won't mind the repeats :smile:
  4. No I do exactley the same!! Apart from I have a few Mulberrys but all different colours - as many different brands as possible I say!! :biggrin:
  5. Not weird at all, but maybe I have to say that because I do it, too, although to a lesser extent these days. Before I got into Marc Jacobs I never had two bags by the same designer (now that's almost all I own), but I still don't own any similar colours. There are just too many bags I like to double up on anything, and I'd feel like I was wasting money if I did. Now if I had an endless supply of cash it might be another story...
  6. That's so funny! And this is the reason why I ultimately ended up with the Celine Anthracite because I already have a Marc Jacobs Stella in black!
  7. Thanks for the input, ladies. Now I don't feel quite so weird. :biggrin:
  8. ^obviously, Celine will be my only orange (who'd ever want more than 1 orange anyway)! i was also contemplating on a red celine classic box, but then remembered, if red, only chanel! haha! :amuse:
  9. ^^

    I would consider breaking my rule for a Celine classic box in Camel - as much as I love the red, I already have a red Chanel as well :lol:
  10. Weird? No way. I think the opposite is more out of the norm: to have the same bag in different colors or the same color in different bags. That's just overkill and a bit nuts, IMO. But to each her own. :biggrin:
  11. I think you're wise to do this. They say "Variety is the spice of life" and I think that's true. To have only one brand would be like using only one fragrance. ( I love my fragrance wardrobe too!) I think monogamy only serves us well in marriage.:smile:
  12. ^^

    I guess I mean is it weird that since I already have a Valentino that I would not get another Valentino in a different style and color?
  13. I like my bags to be colorful and none of them has the same color but I tend to stick to Prada, of all my bags I never had any stray stitching, damage, or weird thing with Prada. I love the quality of their bags and not only that the name Prada symbolize luxury for me, She's not so much commercial like other brands and more often than not she's a trendsetter. And the only high end designer bags I got lately are my Bruna bag from Marc Jacobs and Town in Olive from Balenciaga.
  14. This is exactly what I do! At least while I'm building my collection, I'm trying to diversify brands/colors. The only exception is multiple black bags (different sizes)

  15. nope!