Am I the only person that wants my movies to end happily?

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  1. Just watched Becoming Jane and it drove me crazy that Jane and the guy (can't think of name but he was played by James McAvoy) didn't end up together! Even though there was a "quasi happy ending" it still left me frustrated!

    Who else is like this? I like my in love couples to end up together by the end of the movie, maybe it's because I'm an idealist LOL.
  2. I am the exact same way! I only want to watch movies that have happy endings. I much prefer Pride and Prejudice to Becoming Jane, the stories are very similar but P&P has the happy ending that I crave.
  3. ^^ When they meet again at the very end when they're both older I wanted to scream, "Get back together!!!! It's not too late!!!" and of course then it fades to credits. Damn.
  4. I always expect movies to have a happy ending. I like when some movies exceed or alter my expectations. Sometimes its good to be surprised at the end.

    Some movies are so obvious, its like ok we all know that he and she are going to get back together! lmao
  5. You're not alone! You can look around at real life to see unhappy endings...that's what I go to the movies for...the happy ending. One movie I absolutely hated was City of Angels, because of the totally crappy, depressing ending.
  6. ^^^ITA!! That was the worse ending! All that he gave up :cursing:

    Another one that comes to mind is Pay it Forward! AGH, great movie until the end!! So sad!
  7. Lol you're definitely not. I was disappointed in The Break Up and My Best Friend's Wedding for that very reason. :P
  8. I feel the exact same way. The couple should ALWAYS ride off into the sunset, dammit!

    This is exactly why I hate the ending of QAF (not a movie, I know).
  9. I want movies to have happy endings!! Of course, it's not always that way... but what irks me the most is when there's an open ending where you're left wondering... i mean, i guess it makes for the possibility of a sequel, but come on!
  10. im exactly the same way! i always ask people who have watched the movie before how it ends (happy or not) b/c i am scared to watch a sad ending. I get sad and depressed b/c i want things to work out well for the protagonist..i dont want to pay 10.75 to feel sad!! lol..

  11. ITA!!!! Especially My Best Friend's Wedding! I wasn't liking Vince's character too much in The Break Up so I wasn't too upset about that LOL.

    Atonement was another one that had me going "Nooooooooooo!!!!"

    Tristan and Isolde too!!! I was practically screaming at the screen at the end where he dies!!

    And can we talk about Titanic!?!?
  12. Yes and No. Sometimes the less happy ending is better. Take "The Notebook" for example. Some don't consider the ending to be happy but I loved it. I cry buckets at the end every single time.

    The ending of ,"The Break Up" was dissappointing.
  13. hell to the no; as Couture_Girl says :P

    I love my happy endings. although I hate sad movies, I love reading sad books.
  14. The last thing I consider entertainment is a movie that makes me cry! Hell, I can cry over the news every night if I wanted to be sad, but I go to a movie to be entertained. A big part of that is walking out of the theater happy for me!
  15. You are not the only one! I'm the same way most of the time... that's what I didn't like about Gone With the Wind.