Am I the only person on earth who does not like Chloe bags?

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  1. I'm sorry - I saw one in person and the stitching or something turns me off - not to mention the overall shapes. I like the silverado, kind of, but that's about it. The handles are really bulky - I just don't see the beauty in them.
    Am I crazy? LOL....j/k To each his own - that's the beauty of bags - so many . so little time LOL
  2. I'm indifferent to them. Don't love 'em, don't hate 'em.
  3. I agree with you! They are not my favorite!
  4. I didn't really like them until I picked one up at Nordstroms and the leather was just SO soft and just wonderful! I hate the paddingtons with the huge heavy locks though.
  5. Lol..indifference here too. :lol:
  6. I feel the same way. Not really a fan.
  7. They're very nice, IMO, but sometimes I find myself wishing I could change one or two little elements. That's not every bag, just some of them.
    For the most part, I like them a lot.
    LV, on the other hand....:Push:
  8. Although I have many designers in my collection I haven't found a Chloe bag that has sung to me .... yet.:graucho: :P
  9. The Paddington, Silverado, and Edith were great "it" bags, but I didn't buy any of those when they first came out, and now I think it's too late, because they are bordering on O-V-E-R. (Just my opinion.) And weren't those bags created, like, two or three designers ago at Chloe? The latest designs seem to be a bit all over the place... I kind of wonder what's going on at Chloe. There doesn't seem to be one distinctive look, at least from an outsider's perspective.
  10. ^ They were designed by Phoebe Philo, who was the last Creative Director at Chloe. :yes:

    I love Phoebe's designs, the S/S '03, A/W '03 - '04 (my absolute favourite!) and S/S '04 collections, in particular (and own quite a few items from them!) and can appreciate the Paddy, Betty and Gladys (the Gladys was underrated, IMO), even though I wasn't quite tempted to buy; but I really have to agree with you about the latest designs, unfortunately. :shrugs:

    The last three collections (and I suspect, the one before) were designed by the in-house design team, headed by Yvan Mispelaere (who previously designed for Louis Feraud and who is now heading off to Gucci).

    Paulo Andersson, who spent 7 years at Marni, has been named as the new Chloe Creative Director.

    So, we'll have to see what transpires...
  11. She didn't design the A/W '05 collection, just found this on Suzy Snapshot:

    In the remarkable cosmos of ego and talent that is fashion, a very exceptional thing happened at the Paris runway for Chloé in March. Phoebe Philo, the brand's 31-year-old creative supervisor, took a front-row seat to watch the show and let her key team of five designers take the bow and the approval.

    Philo gave onset last December to her first born, Maya, and had been on maternity leave. She entrusted her team to design the Autumn/Winter 2005 lot, which was bursting with the label's hot sellers: billowing bodice-front dresses, neat little jackets and military inspired coats. It was an act that warmed the turnout's hearts - designers generally operate their crew in the back room.

    'I did not feel like b***sh***ing, to be reputable. It was not my undertaking and I was not going to walk out at the end. I wanted to do it, it felt right, and part of that was me proverb it is OK to be a mum and take time off. It's normal.' Philo throws back her head and laughs at this publication. Fashion population tend to be workaholics - 'normality' is elegant.

    Philo, who took over artistic directorship of Chloé following Stella McCartney's flight in 2001, when she left to set up her own label, has made the brand one of fashion's brightest stars.

    So, her last 'true' collection was S/S '05. :yes: This was the season the Paddy was first shown. :biggrin:
  12. Sometimes I think that I like them, until I actually see them IRL. This was the case for Chloe bags. They just seem cumbersome. I liked Chloe when Stella McCartney was designing for them, but now I am, like many of the previous posters, indifferent to their designs.
  13. ^ I loved Stella for Chloe, too. :yes: Still love a lot of Stella's designs. :heart:

    BTW, apparently, Phoebe did design the S/S '06 collection before leaving permanently. :yes: Whoops! :shame:
  14. I have a paddington which I love (except the padlock does get annoying) but nothing else Chloe does anything for me at all.
  15. I only like their silverado.