Am I the only one...

  1. who cares that VAN HALEN is touring again??? :nuts:

    Love my bags...but love VH too! :winkiss:
  2. It depends if it's Hagar or Roth. Van Hager = suck. Roth really added what the band needed to make it great.
  3. It is with Roth....:yes:
  4. Really? It's Roth? Cool! I saw them a couple of years ago with Hagar and they were fun to watch.
  5. ^^ Where did you see them? I saw them quite a few times the last tour...
  6. Lol I love Van Halen too. :heart:
  7. I think its cool that they are getting back together!! I like VH too. :heart:
  8. woohoo! you're not alone :smile:
  9. That is so cool!!

    I used to have the biggest cruch on DLR:love:
  10. Score!!

    Need to add that to the concert list.
  11. I saw them back in 1980 and they ROCKED!! I am dying to see them again even tho Davis Lee Roth is a sad parody of himself. My DH thinks I am insane but I know he'll go with me. 'Cause I'll make him.
  12. OMG, me too!!! I had a black-and-white poster of him handcuffed to a fence, in leather pants with no shirt (by Helmut Newton I think), taped to the wall over my bed.....:graucho: