Am i the only one...

  1. That does not like the mirroir line??

    I saw heaps of them in the Paris store and did not even pick one up.
  2. I'm with you.
  3. Do a search for all those anti-Miroir-threads and you'll see: You're definitely not the only one!
  4. I don't like mirroir line too. No offense to anyone but I think mirrior lines are ugly and looks like plastic.
  5. here we go again... I don't mean to be rude but please do a search you will many threads on this and it be honest it's quite a touchy subject. there are many that don't like & many that do.
  6. I agree:jammin: and without being offensive to Mirroir fans
  7. Sorry, no offense to the Mirrior Fans.

    I didn't know there were anti mirrior threads already.
    It's just that all these ppl love it and i'd just though i was the only one.
  8. Yeah this is the 3rd thread in the past 2 days I think about this.