Am I the only one?

  1. I seriously have a problem. I've bought 3 bags in the past 2 weeks and I sit on NM and BG all day long refreshing the site every 2 minutes to see if they post any new bags. Am I the only one that does this? It's just that they have such great deals and I don't want to miss out! Help, make me stop!
  2. No...definitely not the only one. I bought a whole lot of bags, about 15 so far and still lurking the sales. I will return or sell what I don't want to keep so I'm not too worried. I just want to look at them for a few more days. LOL.
  3. yes, it's so easy to get sucked in with all the sales! I was out of town during the xmas sales so I've been trying to catch up since! Now I have a few bags to sell to cover up my costs...
  4. We are all in the same boat!
  5. I bought 2 last month...and I'm hoping to get another but it's kind of hard when it's rare these days. Otherwise I don't really make it a point to get one every month unless it's something I really like.
  6. thank goodness!! i thought i was a nutjob, haha. everyday i would search for deals and although i don't i don't refresh every 2 min (only b/c i just got lasik and shouldn't be on the pc too much!), i do go on NM and BG a lot.
  7. me too!!! i'm so crazy over a hermes herbag this early january that i swore i won't buy another balenciaga bags (my long time addiction).
    but when i got my herbag, i found another gorgeous balenciaga in turq weekender, and i bought it! and adds up another coin purse and a clutch also balenciaga.
    now i'm browsing eBay for another balenciaga accesories! aarggghhh we're nut jobs here! :p
  8. I just got into LV in the past two months and now I've purchased 4 bags and 2 keychains and 4 small accessories.


    I also keep looking at the sale sites thinking just the perfect bag will pop up.

    I keep seeing lovely bags on this site that make me want them.

    I have no self control.
  9. me too! just bought 2 bags in 4 weeks & am looking to already buy another. I NEED HELP!
  10. Well, me too. I keep looking but DON'T buy. Does that make me more of a nut? Why should I spend so much time looking if I'm not going to make the best of it? (could be my guilt over too many bags?)