Am I the only one??


Sep 19, 2006
That feels like they have for lack of a better phrase B-Bag ADD. I swear I must have the all time record for buying a bag and then putting it back up for sale on ebay. It really makes me feel as if I am a little bit of a freak here. :s You all must think I am totally :nuts: Part of me thinks I keep doing this for two reasons:

First, because in my mind I am looking for the perfect bag. The one I not only love the color on but the size as well. I think it is hard to get a good idea of some of the colors over the internet and until you see them in person you won't know if you truely love them or not.

Second, I have a limited amount of money right now to buy bags with. Part of me feels if I hold on to one that only like and am not crazy about then my real dream bag (when I figure out what that is) will come up on ebay and I won't have the funds for it and it could be the one.

I also think that is my obsession with the whole handles darking thing. I am worried about re-sale when I should be enjoying the bag. That I will end up losing more money than I would like and once again the perfect b-bag will escape me.

I guess the only good news in all of this is that I have found out what I don't love in the process:

-not real fond of the leather on metallics.
-never buy a bag that is faded on one side because of a great price because I am too picky.
-I like this city size better than the first because all that extra leather is worth the money.
-I may not ever be a neutral kind of b-bag girl.
-I should buy all the pink bags first to see if I like them and then expand to other colors.

In a way this all is really funny considering I have bought and sold a ink city, a bubblegum first and a metallic magenta first in the past two months.

I am not planning on selling anything I own right now which is a total of two with one on the way. However, I am not in love with either of the two bags I have.

I love the color on the 04 Lilac but wish it was a city. I am still kicking myself because I could of bought a city and didn't because the price scared me off.

I love the size on the 06 ink but when I look at the bag I still only like not love the color. Everything else is to die for the leather, size ect. I am not sure if I missed the color after I sold the first one or it was the shape or size of the bag.

Anyway, if you have read through all this junk I should be sending you a free boobie for wasting so much of your time. Too bad I think most of them have taken up residence at Donna's house:graucho: . But if you do read all this you would let me know if I was nuts right????:shame:
I totally understand...I am very picky also and that's why I am nervous about buying used bags. Everyone says the used bags are the best because they are broken in and smushy but I don't want to hate ie because it's too used. But I love buying from people that I know are picky also because I know I will get a bag in great condition. Hope you find the bag you can't live without soon!
LOL!!!!!!! You are so cute! I bet most of us here are the exact same way! You are definitely not alone at all! I really think it takes a while to get it right!!!
I think its basically because the b-bags are not cheap bags and when you spend all that money then you want it to be something you absolutely love, right? I'm that way. My husband always kids me that I buy something only to return it. Half the time I feel guilty! Well, today I finally faxed my order to aloharag to get my first b-bag. I had emailed them about 2 weeks ago and then decided I better not get it. But have to say can't stop thinking about it - I WANT IT! Then last night after reading these threads thought why the hell not? I have plenty of room of credit card and it seems like an investment (somewhat) that either I'll be letting my daughter use one day or if I ever had to sell it - though I have no plans to! I felt the same way about a used bag. At least this way I know its authentic but have to say it I do get a 2nd one most likely it will be used.
I'm lucky enough to have been into this for a long time and living in NY, where you see most nice bags eventually on someone :smile: So now I know what I want but my dilemma is coming up with the $$$. And I've never sold a Bbag either - other designer bags, yes, but never a Balenciaga. Having limited money has worked in my favor - nothing came to me easily, and I had to be 100% positive that I was going to love my new purchase before I forked over the money.
It also helps me to make lists of what I want - then I can see whether I gravitate toward a particular size or color palette.
I never worry about the resale value - I only buy what I know I love - if I can sell it later, great, but usually I don't intend to (even though all my bags have been called "investments" to disapproving parties :Push: )
About loving your lilac first but wishing it were a city - well... chances are, a lilac city will be expensive each time one becomes available... if you still love the color and want a first in your collection, you should keep it - otherwise, sell it and hang on to the money until you see another thing you love.
Personally, LP's blog has been very helpful in terms of educating myself about the color and about what I want (thanks LP!! :heart: :love: )
I've also found it helpful to go to a retailer, where I can see lots of different styles at once and compare the pros and the cons.
Ultimately, if this is your process for figuring out what you want, more power to you. We all find answers (to Bbag dilemmas and the rest of life's questions) from different sources.
Well, I am fairly new to this B-bag obsession thing, but I can easily see how it could cause constant obsession. After all, there are so many styles and colors to choose from, and a lot of us do not have the luxury to see them in person. Therefore, we must resort to ordering them from somewhere and hope we like what we get. Because of the high cost of them, I think we get buyer's remorse and think there is something better out there. I don't think you're crazy! Now, do I get a free boobie?:graucho:
ITA with the previous posts. If you can't see it in person you won't know for sure if it's really what you want. Trying on the styles is really helpful and colors usually are off in the pictures...and so many sellers fail to mention all the things that are wrong with their bag (the reasons why they are selling them in the first place). Anyways, good luck finding the b.bags that make you happy. They are out there!
when i buy b-bags, i try to see it in person before i decide if i want it or not. sure i may love the style of the bag, but the leather and colors are so different seson to season and bag to bag.
and i guess i am lucky enough to be in a place that has a few stores that i can go look and touch them before i decide. after i decide if that's the bag for me, i then usually buy from BalNY.
Thanks for the advice!! The problem I have with the whole try before you buy sort of thing is there is no place for me to try. Well with in a reasonable driving distance that it. I could drive 6 hours to the nearest store that carries them but the amount I would pay on gas travel and taxes is about the same I pay as I buy and sell bags on ebay.
Nope, you're not the only one. This year, I bought 4 and sold 2 (bordeaux First and rouge theatre Day) because I like the colors but just got the wrong sizes. I do kick myself for not getting the right size eventually but I always make myself feel better by telling myself there will be other new and delicious colors coming my way the next season. :yes:

Ok, I need my FREE boobie now! :graucho:
I don't think your nuts and I wouldn't even say picky because it is your perog to love what you love. I think you might love the kind of bags I do which is the pretty girly yet vibrant colors. I was just going to put up a post earlier today but didn't want to risk everyone getting sick of my posts, asking everyone to share pictures of their bags in different lighting. Like 4 photos of one bag, indoors no flash, indoors with flash, outdoor in direct sunlight, and outdoors not in the sun. My reason was just like you said, it's so hard to get a true feel of the color of a bag in photos, and maybe if we all shared these various shots, a bag we thought we loved we won't and vice versa. I know it will never be completely 100% on the money, but it will give us a better idea of what the colors of bags look like. If we don't have the luxury of living near a store even in retail sitch's we have to buy a bag blind. And in my case loving the 05's as I do, I will always have to buy blind. That is the one thing I appreciate if I am going to sell a bag, is at least I got to see it, and I know I can scratch it off my list. The City and the Box are my favorite styles, the Work is too big, and the Twiggy too long and those are the only 4 I have seen in person. I always try to buy brand new or as close to mint as possible because I am finicky and it helps if I don't like it and I have to resell it. So maybe you should try and make sure you get as close to mint as possible. I know sometimes sellers say a bag is mint and then your in for a awful surprise when it arrives. But at least do your best to hold yourself back from a purchase unless it's mint. I am starting to think I am subconsciously trying to see every 05 bag in person, but if I succeed I won't have to wonder which colors are perfect for me. I hope that helps you not feel so nuts! And let's figure out if a thread for photos of bags in different lighting would help us?
i agree with whoever said up above the best way to buy is to see a bunch of stuff in person first!! then you really know what things feel like, what colors are like in person, what styles look like on your body. though if i didn't have the opportunity to see things in person, i'd probably buy online and try to keep fingers crossed about liking things.

i actually like that so many PF'ers put their bags on ebay after a month or two or six because then it gives other people opportunities to buy authentic bags that might have missed out on colors that were avail the season before! so indecision can be someone else's gain! even retail price on a totally sold out and hard to get bag is typically worth it to someone else. the revolving PF'er b-bag door is kind of fun to watch, and maybe someday soon i can play too!!
meemie, you are so not alone! I am picky as hell and i'm not ashamed of it when i'm paying 1000 plus on a bag! All the colors, stitches, feel, look (and everything else) must be perfect to me. Which is why till now, i have never bought anything from ebay. All the "mint" and "like new" are dubious.

On the other hand, i admire your courage and perserverance at buying and selling on ebay consistently when ebay can be very trying and taxing mentally (for me). I'm sure one day your dream bag would pop up and you'll know it's the one and never look back. In the meantime, have fun!!! :P
I posted something here recently about how I had "sampled at the Balenciaga buffet" getting a little taste of this and that (meaning I had bought and sold lots of bags) and now I feel like I know exactly what I need in a bbag.

You are SO not alone....;)