Am I the only one......?

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  1. I think I may be......

    who likes Gold hardware on Blue Jean? I've just been looking at Vic Beck's Birkins, and I kinda like the gold on the I a weirdo???????? (well, I mean about the gold, not in general....because we KNOW the answer to THAT........)
  2. Although I'm a gold hardware fan in general, on blues (except navy blue) I prefer silver, I think it looks better, but that's JMO.....
  3. I know, D - I feel like a weirdo.....
  4. I love gold hw on blue. :yes:
  5. hmmm......I never thought about it 'cause (don't flame me!) I don't even like BJ....I just might have to get my butt over there to take a look at a few of VB's bags tonight....I lost the thread....GF, what's the name of that thread?
  6. buggered if I can remember, I'll try and put the pic here.......
  7. I love the combo! Very different...not the usual.
  8. gold hw on BJ.... hmmmmm

    I like it but I don't love it. I think BJ is such a great casual colour and I feel like palladium is a little more laid back too JMHO

    (soooo glad Vicki B lost the extensions!!)
  9. I think GH on Blue Jean is a stunning combination! :yes:
  10. Yes, GH is nice w/ blue jean. PH can look a little hard and cold w/ BJ.

    I'm getting to be a bigger fan of GH than I was previously. Obviously there are some combos where it's just too garish, but I do think w/ the right leather, it imparts a warmer feel.
  11. Wow! I didn't think it worked until I saw the pix. Now I actually think the blue and yellow is very fun! Love it! :heart:
  12. It's a stunning combo!
  13. I am with those who never really considered that combo before -- but it is really quite pretty~
  14. Er Grands Fonds, I still prefer silver hardware with BJ...though I'm all for gold hardware on other colors.