Am I the Only One?

  1. Just wondering if you ladies have instances on this forum where you saw a thread that you KNOW you should NOT open to read because doing so will probably cause you to add some more items on your list but you STILL ended up opening and reading those threads anyway?

    I found that I've been doing that a lot lately. I need to go to Hermes Rehab.
  2. me it in Paris by any chance?:graucho:
  3. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
    I don't think that's going to help our addiction. We're going to come back with a boat load of orange boxes:lol:
  4. LMAO!!

    90% of the threads in here makes me want to buy more and more bags.. LOL..
  5. :yes: :yes: :yes: Every thread that says "Birkin"! :nuts:
  6. Every time I open a thread Kou, it changes my mind or makes me add to my list. It's never ending! LOL!!!!
  7. How many more items have you added onto your list since you joined tPF?

    I think I must've added at least 10 more *falls over*
  8. Oh, Lordy! Every time I see someone's gorgeous bag I add to or change my existing list!!!! It never stops! And now, I think I'm becoming addicted to vintage scarves!!!!! When will it end!!!!
  9. Kou- my list is ridiculous now thanks to tPF. It was once just a blue jean birkin, now I also want one in gold togo, black box HAC a la Shopmom, chocolate, fuschia otsrich, vermillion, bleu roi croc, miel croc and on and on and on. I really need to win the lotto! LOL!
  10. it will never end! i have a post-it note on my laptop stating my dream hermes bags! *Wishful thinking*
  11. Jag.....we need sugar daddies! I keep saying, "OK. ONCE I get (fill in the blank here) I won't ever need another bag!". HA!

    ...and we can see where that's left me.........
  12. NEVER!!:yahoo: It's a life-long addiction. Actually, it's going to become a multiple-generation addiction because I'm sure your daughter will also get addicted too.
  13. Wow, that's a big difference from one to ... more than seven? :lol: :nuts:

    And speaking of lottery, I finally got around to check on my backlog of Lottery tickets. I bought Super Lotto and Mega Million every week for 5 months and I only won $2. so much for lottery, eh?:Push:
  14. I thought after getting an ebene and chart birkins I will be feeling quite content for a while... WRONG! I should've never take a peek at this board, coz now I am like back to square one wanting more birkins *big sigh*..

    Let's see what I want for now (I said want, not necessarily mean I can materialize the plan, LOL):

    *30cm Rouge h chamonix birkin GH
    *30cm vibrato (any dark color) with box leather combo birkin any hw
    *strecthing it far... 30cm thalassa blue chevre de coromandel birkin with white contrasting stiching PH --- birkin girl, beware... I might rob yours!!
    *30cm raisin box calf birkin GH or raisin chevre PH

    I also want exotics, but that would be long term goals, haha..

    a lot, huh? LOL!!
  15. See, my issue is i only want exotics, which makes it a veeeery long and difficult quest ... It also doesn't help that just about everything on my list is either exotic or vibrato