Am I the only one?

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  1. That worries about the gold print inside the shoe? I mean it's not carved, engraved or stuck on with a cloth like manolos and choos, but it is printed on which means it will fade off like the dolce&gabbanas! For my other shoes i put clear nailpolish...but I dare not for CLs.:shrugs: Any other options on how to keep the gold print on?:idea:

    Speaking of shoe, does anyone know if scratches on the heel of wood is fixable ? I know it is quite unlikely but I just wanted to ask:Push: and is it possible to fix deformed wrinkly leather?:sweatdrop: I will attach pics..i dont know if it's just me that is so paranoid with small details and attention but it drives me nuts..:crybaby: Oh dear...I just realized I should be asking a cobbler all this :P

    wrinkly I know it's at the bottom but it's the red bottom!!! haha

    Deformed leather...and a bit wrinkly sorry for my horrible photography skills and basic camera = ="
  2. Nail polish should be perfectly safe to use on the gold print.

    As to the other questions: you can try to smooth out the wrinkles by heating them with a hair drier and smoothing with your hands. You can put some extra shoe polish (oil based) on the area first to moisten the leather and make the process more effective.