am i the only one?

  1. that absolutely does not like the kelly in souple? i dunno it is just off for me it is beautifl on others but something is weird but that is probably me :lol:
  2. I agree sometimes. As I said on a different thread, to me, Kellys are "fancy". You have to be dressed to kill -- the bag is just so elegant. In that sense, I think souple makes no sense. But, then again, certain colors I think look great in souple. Black, for example, I think goes both ways, great rigide, great soupple...I don't know...just a thought
  3. I think it is more a personal preference...lilach, you can appreciate souple, but prefer rigide.
  4. I like the way the rigide looks, but I prefer how much more stuff I can fit into the soupple
  5. You're NOT the only one, that's for sure~ I love Kelly in rigide especially when it's in 28cm. This is why I'm dying for a fuchsia ostrich kelly 28cm in rigide right now:nuts:

    If I ever get a croc Kelly, it's gonna be a rigide 28cm too :nuts: Oh I'll make things fit all right~~
  6. Nope, sellier and sellier only.
  7. Is sellier supple?
  8. Sellier=rigide
    Duna, in case you're reading this, I can second what you had already posted.
  9. Oh my...I feel awful...:crybaby: . I just bought a black togo supple 35cm that ok? I thought it could go casual and dressy, hopefully everyday. I also have a rigide rouge vif box Kelly in 35cm which is beautiful too!! I guess I love all Kellys...especially 35s!!:love:
  10. Lovehermes- I think that sounds beautiful! I love souple as much as I love rigide. They are both beautiful in their own right. Can't wait to see your collection- it sounds fabulous!
  11. Oh thanks're a sweetheart!!:smile:
    I'd like to show you the different sizes and leathers too!
    Glad you're a Mod...Congratulations!!:yahoo:
  12. Thank you for your kind words lovehermes!
  13. LH, it's all a matter of personal preference. Please don't take what we say as gospel. I'm sure your souple/retourne (sorry, I'm trying to force myself to use the new terminology) is beautiful and makes you very happy. Isn't that what's more important, your personal happiness and not everyone else's opinion?
  14. sweat! I am too sensitive I guess. I'm always asking people for their opinions...have to stop that!! I love the 35cm Kelly and I'm 5'3" and SAs and others used to tell me that it was too large for me, but I think it's perfecto!
    Love you all - everyone here is so sweet...too sweet as I'm going broke now. :smile:
  15. oh you're welcome Jag!! Everyone is kind here at the Forum!!