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  1. just wondering .. i own more LV's than any other brands, i have 10 LV bags to date ( not much compared to other collectors here :lol: ) i just bought a new mini pleaty demin in green a few days ago and i dont even post pics of it in the LV forum.. Im always hanging out in the balenciaga forum and just takes a few min look at LV forum then Balenciaga forum again, this is practically where i hang out so to speak :smile: im still waiting for my first origan to arrive (my first bbag) I havent a bbag to share with other pfers in the bal forum, yet its the first thing i read in the morning and the last thing i read at night ... crazy huh?
  2. It's the power of the b-bag! It's got us all under a spell!

    A year ago, I was only happy with 1. I've never wanted to own more than one of the same color/style of anything until the b-bag came along!

    Maybe you'll end up owning more b-bags than LVs! :graucho:
  3. murasaki hopefully i would be happy with one bbag or else i would be flat broke lol :lol: im already thinking of what color for the city will i buy after i get my origan first LOL this is one crazy addiction !
  4. kaka - welcome to the bbag obsession!!!:biggrin:
  5. kaka-you've been "balified". there could be worse things...:smile: you wil loovvvvvvvvvve origan!:heart:
  6. welcome to the bbag craze! i don't know anyone that owns just one, so be careful. get ready for your next one!:graucho:

    i've said it before and i'll say it again... they soak these bags in heroin to get us addicted.;)
  7. The same thing happened to me! Since being "balified" I hardly even look at other bags! I check this forum about 30 times each day--can't get up without checking and can't go to sleep without checking. I'm so afraid I'll miss a great bag or some big news. Man, I've got it bad, but it sounds like you (and plenty of others) do too!
  8. me too! I was a huge LV fan and have more LV than any other brands in my collection till about 2 weeks ago when I stumbled upon ateliernaff site and this forum.. and suddenly my past LV obession seems to be silly!! Now the only section that I checked is the balenciaga!!!

  9. HAHA~~:lol: my first bbag was origan city too!!!! its a beautiful color ,enjoy it:love: !!!
  10. redney and chause - thank you :smile:

    esile - balenciaga is now officially the herione bag lol :lol:

    valerieb & bakaneko - we are now balified! :love:

    bb10 - thank you cant wait to get it :flowers:
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