Am I The Only One ????????

  1. Am I the only one who has gotten the Cabos Charms LV LTD. bag, you know the only bag that is in the GLASS CASE FOR DISPLAY AT ALL LV STORES, TO BE PROTECTED FROM ALL THE TOUCHY PEOPLE????????? I bought one and the matching wallet and some of those new pastel pen and pencil sets *have you seen those, so cute.
    Anyway, I have not heard anybody speak of purchasing this heavenly bag. Am I the only one who thinks this is gods gift to earth? Please, I know the bag is expensive and limited but some body out there in PF land has to own one. I mean money isn't everything He-He
  2. Do you have pics?
  3. Please post pic's.
  4. I promise I will post a picture tomorrow or the next day, I will take my computer to my computer guy and he will do it for me you can count on that. You must see this bag, it is to die for and my fellow bag lovers can not be deprived of the glorious moment to set there LV eyes on this blessed bag and wallet. In the meantime go to LV Boutique and check out that great big glass case, (You know what I'm talking about)
    in the middle of the showroom. I swear I'll get right on the pics.
  5. more despcription: Brown chocolate leather w/ gold LV chain handle, bag has a silk scarf in brown and gold chains w/ lv's w/ Vinyl over it to protect the silk scarf Wallet matches w/ leather and silk scarf and vinyl PICS TO FOLLOW
  6. Congratulations, It's A Beautiful, Beautiful Bag!!! As Well As Your Accessories!!! There Are Others With Pieces From That Collection...It Is An Extraordinary Collection!!!!!!! :smile:
  7. LVbabydoll has one
  8. I LOOOOVE that collection.
    Out of my price range though.
  9. I had a taupe/brown one. I returned it because I wanted a Le Fab more. It is a gorgeous bag. Can\'t wait to see pictures.
  10. [​IMG]
  11. That is the same one I had. It is lovely Smooth.
  12. of all the bags in that line, thats the best looking one IMO
  13. sorry, but it's kinda bugging me... it is spelt CABAS. anyhoo... very nice bag. but not a fan of the vinyl.
  14. i love the handles! good snag!
  15. and "spelt" should be "spelled".