am i the only one????

  1. well i would be visiting the coach boutique this coming friday and i have pretty much made up my mind to get the slim carly unless i try it on and dont like for now i am pretty much satisfied with its dimensions being in between the medium and the large size. is anyone else in the same boat or i am the only one daydreaming about slim carly?
  2. Nope, you're not!!! I think the bag is gorgeous but I just got the medium Carly a week ago (w/out knowing that the Slim Carly existed) and I wish it was a lil bigger.
    TPFer ImASadGiraffe ordered the Slim Carly in blue leather a few days ago, but I havent seen any other member posting that they're getting or have gotten it's a new item so that's probably why.
  3. Yup I ordered it! It's scheduled to be delivered to my local store on Wednesday so I will post pics as soon as it comes in!
  4. I really like the idea of the inbetween size (that is what I have always wished Coach would do!) I just don't know about how slim it is.. I have to see it irl. I like my bags to kind of stand on their own if they can, and have a little width. I think it looks like a great bag though, and I can't wait to see it irl and after you guys post it! :tup:
  5. I also ordered the slim Carly in blue on friday and it is also scheduled to come in on Wed. So we will see? I will post when I get it. They say the blue is more of a pond color not light baby blue like I thought all I can do is wait and if I dont like it return it. I was just hopping it was light blue because all the bleecker wallets had blue on the inside but by what they have said thats not the right color of blue!
  6. I am sooooo drooling over that slim carly in blue bet its just gorgeous irl.:drool:
  7. I've seen it IRL and its a nice bag but it isn't able to "stand" b/c of how slim it is
  8. I'll probably get the slim carly in signature. But I'm not liking any of the colors right now...
  9. I was daydreaming about the slim carly, until I got to the store to buy it and didn't like it!!! It all comes down to personal preference, I'm not a fan of the big "Cs" but the leather is really nice, i was just looking for a signature bag. Maybe next time around I'll go for the leather....... :shrugs:
  10. I love it but I want it in Chocolate, I don't like the contrasting Cs so much and I already have a black medium carly.
  11. I was in love with it from the pics on the website. Then I went to the store (where they had the blue that I was so excited about!) and when I tried it on I didnt like it. Like others said its just personal preference- I didnt like the length of the drop (too long for me for some reason) and I thought that now that the bag was smaller the hardware was a little overwhelming. So i didnt get it. But I always see the Carly on others and love it! For some reason it just doesnt work on me!
  12. You wouldnt have seen the lining of the blue carly? I ordered her and I am dieing to
    know and what about the color blue is it pretty? Have you had carlys before? I love my Black leather carly No one has said anything good about the slim carly. I guess i just have to wait to find out!:sweatdrop:
  13. I saw it IRL today and I wasn't really impressed. I think it has a funky shape to it. More rectangular than square. It might be because it had stuffing in it and not normal purse insides, because of this I think it might be better with the slouch and what not. The blue is deffinitely more pond than baby blue and the trim colors on the sig bags looked odd. It's only about 2-2 1/2 inches wide. The display had it hanging up so I don't think it would be able to stand on it's own unless it was stuffed. Maybe it will grow on me but the last thing I need is another carly, lol.
  14. Hmm I'm starting to think that I might not love this bag when I see it IRL...I ordered it sight unseen and now I'm worried. :sweatdrop:

    I guess if I don't like it I'll get another bag at the store.
  15. I went to a boutique today as well and tried on the slim carly... I wanted to like them as well but have to say I didn't. :tdown: The main thing was the colors, the shape and the biggest thing.... a huge thing was the top of the strap is made of patent.. not only did I not care for the look of it, but the dang thing kept slipping off my shoulder because it was slippery!!! Why does Coach do stuff like that!?! :shrugs: Oh well.. I saved $$ I guess!! ;)