am I the only one??

  1. whos had this type of treatment??

    I went to La Mer in NYC, at Saks. I was excited to buy the lotion, lip balm and the original cream (my skin is VERY dry). First I asked to have some tried on me, to see. the SA's comments

    "oh your skin is so dry, its gross."

    O.O um ok. I handled it graciously and said

    "thats why Im here." with a smile. Then when I asked for a sample to take home she accused me of simply wasting her time for samples- I was going to buy the stuff.

    so basically, rude and insulting. i emailed the company and told them without a sincere apology I will never buy from them.

    so "gross" skin and my wallet will be taken somewhere else. besides, i think i have very good and clear skin for a older teen but I digress
  2. I hope you got the same of the sales assistant and included it in the email.
  3. It was probably just that Saks with the bad sales associate.

    Don't worry about them, I've had the same thing happen to me when I went to Clinique about a year ago. I was looking at some lipglosses, and asked her about any deals on lotion.

    She's all like, "YOUR SKIN IS SO DRY." with a disgusted look on her face.

    GEEZ, right? But that doesn't make me hate Clinique though, just that LADY every time I see her at the counter.
  4. The nerve on some people! It reminds me of this time I went to Palacio de Hierro (our local version of Saks), and this LaMer lady approached me and said something like, "LaMer would be great for your oily skin"... I was like :wtf:.
    Needless to say, she didn't make a sale there.
  5. I think you did the right thing by e-mailing Saks. They clearly should not have such a tactless SA working for them!
  6. So basically she didnt want her commission on 100+ face cream along with meeting her monthly goal... I am glad you emailed, too many times there is horrible service and we forget to complain. I hope you get a discount on something haha!
  7. I would have said "Your face is gross, and you DONT have dry skin!" haha, Im so immature.

    But seriously, Im glad you Emailed, did you include her name?

    Sorry you had to be treated like this, some people need to be slapped.
  8. I would have asked her flat out if she realized what she just said.
  9. I would have gone: "if I've got dry skin, it can be fixed. if you're ugly (look at her flatly and point sarcastically, it can't. see ya, ugly."
  10. wow i would've spoken to someone in customer service and lodged a complaint. my SA at la mer (who i would highly recommend if you live in nj) is just amazing-no matter how busy he is i'll always wait for him, and he always treats me like a princess. he's extremely generous with samples and if i'm interested in trying something, he'll give me handfuls of packets to try or the deluxe sizes if they have them available. the way that saks associate treated you is simply appalling and really unacceptable! i've never seen my SA be less than courteous to ANYBODY-regardless of whether they buy anything or not.
  11. Honestly that's one reason why I avoid makeup counters- so sad - good that you wrote the email-I hope you got the SA name - what's wrong w/ people?!? :wacko:
  12. Glad that you wrote the email. But don't let one nasty person discourage you from attaining beautiful skin. If you are still interested in La Mer, and want to try in person, go back and deal with another SA. Or, try going to a different store that carries it. You can always order online as well. There's never any excuse to put people down or make them feel bad.
  13. So sorry to hear you were treated so badly. Next time someone says something rude you can say, "Were you born this way or did you decide when you woke up today to be a jerk?"
  14. That's horrible. I do not understand why she would choose this kind of work where she has to be nice to people to make a sale.
  15. wow, one thing I hate is bad CS... especially food service but all bad CS. I would have told her than I was there to buy something to help my dry skin, but since she has a nasty attitude, it won't be LaMer. I would also tell her to have her explanation ready bc I'm reporting her to her higher ups!