Am I the only one?

  1. I dont know if any of you were as disappointed in the pink pouch as I was. I love the black and even the gold Madison Luxe collection but the pink just looks wrong with the silver. I would think if it was paired with black accents instead of the silver handle then I would like it more. The funny thing is I love pink and silver but the brightness just seems wrong, just wrong. :shrugs:
  2. OMG! ITA!!

    The pink is beautiful. The silver is beautiful. But i'm totally not feeling them together!
  3. I agree with you. When I saw the raspberry with silver it just looked too gross. I hope they pair it with a different color.:girlsigh:
  4. I saw all the Lurex stuff today and was just "eh" on all of them. Not for me - although i loved the holiday patchwork stuff, which I usually dont care for at all! I think its that leather patch they put in the middle - I really like that look.
  5. Aw, I really like the way it looks on the website. I'm still going to go check it out later today. Hope I don't feel the same way!
  6. Ya, I'm not a big fan of the raspberry with the silver either :sad:
  7. I'm usually not a huge fan of lurex, but I love the raspberry and silver mini skinny! It's such an unusual and bright color combination that somehow I think it works. Maybe it's bc the mini skinny is so small - I know I wouldn't want a purse in that print.
  8. I think it's pretty in small doses but it isn't something I need so won't be ordering. The mini skinny would be cute with a small silver leather clutch for the holidays.
  9. ITA w/ you. The pink and silver are too much together. They look like a mismatch together for some reason. It makes me sad, caz I was looking forward to some pink....
  10. I think they had this combo awhile back...I saw it today and really liked it on the mini-skinny only...too bright!
  11. Yup! the rasberry and silver is hideous and grotewque!
  12. the pink is cute!!!
  13. I think I like the color with the silver, maybe not for that pouch per se. If I had to pick I would definitely get it in the mini skinny, but I am not necessarily running for them.