Am I the only one...?

  1. lol... 3 LV's in their phone? or more?

    Don't be shy!

    Chic is for Chicago :smile:

  2. LOL! I actually thought THAT I was the only one! I have the ones for here in San Francisco~ the flagship LV, the one inside Neiman Marcus, and the newer Bloomingdale's store! I forgot I also have the 866 number, the LV in Caesar's Palace in Vegas, and also the Ala Moana location, in Hawaii! BTW, we have the same phone!:nuts: Here's a pic of my craziness...
  3. i have the 866, Manhattan's 5th Ave flagship, and Toronto's Bloor St store :lol:
  4. LOL. LVOE it! I have 2. :p
  5. LOL.....I wish I had an LV within two hours of me.:drool:
  6. LOL!
    I don't acctually have them on my phone i have 10 pieces of paper in my bag for different Lv's near me and Chanel :smile:
  7. I only have one, the customer helpline of LV in London :sad: Not sure how to get the indivdual boutique numbers, they normally put you through from that line
  8. Nope, you're not the only one! I have 866, the 5th Ave one, the Soho one, and the Atlantic City one in my phone.
  9. 3 LV's & 1 LV SA so far
  10. lol. your not the only one. i have 3 boutique #s, the LV 866 #, and 2 SA's phone #'s. My friend's saw all these under LV _________ and thought I was nuts.
  11. I only have one and it is coded discretely as LVAC or LV in Atlantic City!
  12. I always use 411.
  13. I just go to the store. I don't have a regular SA or anything. When I want something I either order it from elux or go directly to Copley and buy it. Maybe one day if I buy them more regularly in my life I will have numbers!
  14. Here's mine:


    I used to have the number for the flagship store in Hong Kong too, but since I'm not there now I erased it.
  15. My dh programed the numbers on our home phone...