Am I the only one?

  1. By far,my best talent is finding a bargain,and one of the ways I do this is by browsing thrift stores.Some of my more recent finds include a Juicy Couture jacket for $5,a SUPER CUTE Coach bag for $25,and a whole closet full of Abercrombie and Hollister for my daughter,all ranging between $2-$5 per piece.Does anyone else do this? I have always said,even if I COULD afford brand new designer items,I don't know if I could bring myself to pay full price.When I die,my headstone will probably say "She bought this headstone on clearance".
  2. No, you're not the only one! I DETEST paying full price/retail!
  3. did u find those good deals
  4. i love bargain shopping.....and usually pride on the discounted items i have. If i paid full price for something, it's almost as if iss not as "special" ...
    but a jacket for 5 and AF stuff for 2-5 bucks??? U put me in shame! lol where do u find these GREAT deals?
  5. Ohh, I LOVE finding bargains, it's what I live for! Just recently I bought a cashmere Laundry by shelli segal cardigan for $16 and a full length, absolutely gorgeous Marciano trench coat for $12. Clearly, I take pride in my discounts. :smile:
  6. damn. i thought i was good when i found juicy on sale for 32.50 with free shipping.

    there are things i refuse to pay retail for ie clothes when i'm losing weight. i love picky thrift and consignment stores for that because i go through clothes so quickly. and juicy...yes they look fab and yes they are comfy but come on...they are hundredplus dollar SWEATPANTS!! are you kidding me??

    i find that i buy stuff on sale that i wouldn't have bought otherwise, so i end up spending more money that i would something on sale for 10 dollars when i would have walked out empty handed for 0 dollars. bargin hunting is def. a thrill, but i don't mind paying retail for stuff i really like. :smile:
  7. Seriously,I have always just had a really good eye for things like that.I think people just don't know (or don't care) what they're donating to thrift stores.And the thrift store workers don't know high-end,so they price that stuff the same as everything else.That's an advantage I have,living in a small town.When I go to thrift stores in Columbus,they have all the "good" stuff behind a counter and have the prices jacked up (still cheap,but it's not as fun that way).Actually,the day I posted that,I went to a thrift store and found my daughter a nearly-new looking pair of Nike Shox (in her size) for $15.Those shoes are $100 retail! I brought them home,gave them a good scrubbing,and her friends at school the next day thought she'd just gotten new shoes!:biggrin: I'd love to know how much my $25 Coach bag was originally,if anyone can give me an idea.It's pretty distinctive.It's black and white leopard (I guess it would be "snow leopard") print,with burgundy suede trim and a black leather handle.the serial number inside is NT-4903.I imagine it was part of a limited edition series,as it is distinctly different from most Coach bags I have seen.Any help would be appreciated.
  8. My best friend told me TJ-Maxx has Dooney&Bourke handbags.I'll have to go check into that
  9. :lol: :lol: :lol: Love that! You are hilarious Breyana...

    I love a deal too. Getting something you like is always nice, but if it is a good deal it just gives you a rush that can't be copied, yes?

    Oh, and yes, TJ Maxx has lots of Dooney, at least the one near me. They sometimes have Coach too!
  10. I used to only buy things on sale, but I have to agree that it lead to exactly that problem. Now I keep a list of things, i.e. new dress, black dress pants, going out top, etc. Keeping the list keeps me focused and I don't mind paying more for things on it.

    OP, have you tried looking up your coach purse on ebay? I looked up "coach zebra" and came up with a bunch of choices.

    As for my best bargains, I have to say its the things I use over and over again, regardless of what I paid.
  11. It's not really a zebra print,it's more like leopard.I did try looking it up on ebay,but didn't really find anything..but that was a week ago.I'll try again...I'm just curious.I don't really ever buy anything that I won't use.
  12. I'm most lucky w/ shoes. I go to Off the 5th, and find the most incredible shoes! I'm lucky bc my feet are so small that few people wear my size, so great shoes are always left over and discounted in my size. I recently picked up a pair of Tod's loafers for $99!
  13. I will get my bags whatever way I can as long as it's legal. Ebay, consignment, small shops, PF sales, NM or Saks. Of course I prefer to get things less than retail, but once in a while I treat myself.
    It is just nice to know I was the only one to use it. Most of the time I get slightly used bags.
    If I paid retail for my entire collection, I would be broke! Sometimes there are bags I want and I just know I have to wait patiently until someone is ready to relinguish them at a reasonable price.
    So no you are not alone.
  14. Wow!! I am awful at bargain shopping. Awful. I tend to buy everything full price. Ask my wallet...
  15. When I went to see my dad in Boise (yes Idaho *cringe*) there is virtually nowhere to shop, so I usually just take my clothes to a consignment store up there (and buy very little at said store myself) and that's it. On a recent trip though, we decided to go into a couple thrift stores. I ended up finding 4 vintage Dior shirts for $4 each! Thrift stores are my new best friend!