Am I the only one with this issue?!

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  1. Everytime I wear my CL's, my heel lands in the lines of the concrete thus causing me to face near-death experiences. :death: Yesterday, my DBF took me to a restaurant, where I had to survive like a mile of uneven wooden floorboards to make it inside. Needless to say, I didn't look very sexy death-gripping his arm....

    Excuse this thread if there's already one like this... But does anyone else seem to have these kind of problems when wearing heels? I guess maybe cause I just recently started to wear heels more frequently and I'm just uber clumsy? :shame: How can I wear my CL's and not look like I'm 13 wearing my momma's shoes?
  2. Hello =)

    The problem you are referencing is everyone's little secret. I guess it takes time to walk with poise and confidence. Regarding CL in particular lvpiggy made her Pigalle 120 club thread.. where she explains wisely how to confront to the hellish pavement of San Francisco. Having said that, she also posted tips and videos so you can figure how to apply her theories. It's very well done and funny enough to carry you on ! :smile:
  3. Vodkaine, I am going through lvpiggy's thread now and I love it! Thanks sooo much!
  4. haha - I was about to post the link, Vodkaine beat me to it! (^(oo)^)v

    If you haven't found it already, check out posts 63 & 65, especially the sections titled "the 90/10 rule" in post 63 and "challenging environments" in post 65. If you have any queries, feel free to PM me or post in the Pigalle120 Club thread, as I have an email notification set for posts to that thread!
  5. It happens all the time... you simply need to watch for the cracks and ALWAYS watch for those bloody subway grates!
  6. lvpiggy, you are so endearing. i love your piggy bounce and wiggle. I am going to try it with my vp's when i get them back from the cobbler! and bella, i think i make the grand mistake of STARING at the floor for cracks.. practice practice practice! why couldn't we have smooth golden roads? :amuse: