Am I the only one with a Yo bag?

  1. New here (a couple of days) and boy am I having fun reading this forum - I have a cold so this is great entertainment for my sickbed! I have what I am pretty sure is a Yo bag = (dumb me, didn't even ask what it was called when I got it but Claude said it was a Yo as I remember the conversation) Anyway the bigger bag is kid - or goat (got it in Europe and the language issue etc. ) and the little second bottom is horsehair = black and silver strands. Silver little H connects the handles to the bag top. I feel all alone on this forum with this bag but I love it - and boy am dumb - I was once offered a Birkin in Europe at a new boutique and turned it down because I thought "everybody has one" - now I can't afford it - so sad and stupid.
  2. Hi Liz, welcome! Hope you feel better soon...I've had this darn cold too for a week now!!!! :cursing: Your bag sounds lovely! :flowers:
  3. Welcome! I just saw a barenia/toile Yeoh bag in NYC last week. Trivia: It's named after the actress Michelle Yeoh.
  4. Welcome Liz, sorry about your cold - I am sure looking at Hermes eyecandy is just the thing to lift your spirits. Don't feel all alone here, we have such a variety of Hermes passions on the forum - I don't even have an Hermes bag at all (yet!) but I collect the scarves with fair enthusiasm. I am desperate to know what the Yo is, it sounds intriguing and I am off immediately to find some pics...! Feel better soon.
  5. Liz, if you have googled "Hermes Yo" before you will understand the surreal experience I just had: first google result was a post from you elsewhere in TPF; the rest were either typo's (" how are YO and your Hermes") or "Yo! I saw Hermes today"!!!
    I am sure we will find something online before I am overwhelmed by curiosity; one of these clever Hermes boffins will chip in just now and give us lots of info...
  6. AH, HG gave us the info while I was madly typing/hunting. Thanks Hermesgroupie.
  7. LOLOL - it was phonetic spelling from Claude - yo how's yo bag! Thanks Hermes groupie for the correction! And glad somebody saw one - hope they are not totally out!
  8. Welcome - we'd love to see a pic of your bag!
  9. Don't have digital camera and don't even know how to upload to computer if I did! I am not only Hermes impaired I am tech impaired. I am hoping somebody finds one online and posts a picture. When I get over this cold, I'll try to find a friend to take a photo and upload for me.
  10. hang on a second
  11. sorry so yellow.
    we have a scanner but i'm too much of a wimp to learn to use it so i took a pic instead.
  12. Welcome, and feel better!!! Your bag is lovely!
  13. oh highheels thanks so much for posting that picture...sad that it doesn't show the small pouchette type roll smaller bag that goes with it very well- mine with the black and silver horsehair is so gorgeous - you can wear it either zipped together without the leather and the strap or attached to the strap depending on what you are wearing etc. I have been known to run around in jeans wearing the evening style with the shoulder strap - it looks great with this silver and black leather suzie rhor belt I have that I wear over an oversized but thin weight cashmere sweater (white tee under), black skinny jeans and ballet flats. it's my fav. look at the moment as it's getting cooler. I had to live without the smaller bag for 5 months while it went to Paris and had surgery. It got damaged at a horseshow where I know I shouldn't have been wearing it but....
  14. If anybody is interested:
    here's the belt: but mine is in black and silver
    Neiman Marcus  - Metal Belt
    and here's the sweater: actually I have this in heather but the black one is now sold out and is a little different - no hood and a bit lighter weight and all cashmere I think (should check label but too lazy at moment) Vince - Cashmere/Wool Sweater Coat -
    If anybody knows how to move the pictures over here please do! Thanks
  15. very nice outfit.
    which flats are you wearing? i love flats.
    NMD4057_mn.jpg 0488248458874_ASTL_300x400.jpg