Am I the only one who's paranoid during my "baby's" debut?

  1. I swear... this ALWAYS happens to me w/ anything new. Especially bags... And I'm talking brand spankin new (i.e. you witnessed it coming out of the plastic etc). So today, I was finally able to show it off to the world. Ripped off the plastic, etc. And spent the afternoon w/ my BF (translation: best friend, not boy friend... even though he is a boy:p ).

    Anyhow distracted me was only paying half attention to what he was saying all day because I was too focused on dodging the smoking pedestrians on the sidewalk. And then when we sat down for a bite, he saw me hemming and hawwing over where to put my baby. His comment "Oh god, it's a purse for chrissakes!!"

    If that's not bad enough, when I came home, I was quickly giving it the once over for scratches, etc. During this time, my DH walked into the room and sighed when he saw what I was doing.

    Hahaha, now I know this will pass but I was just wondering if anyone else was like this...:sweatdrop:
  2. I'm careful with my bags, but I don't drive myself nuts though. I wouldn't enjoy them as much, I think, if it became a real "job" keeping them prestine.
  3. Yes! I always went out with a lump in my throat for any new bags I receive. I would be ultra careful. And when I'm driving, with the bag seated next to me in the front passenger seat, I would always give it a long hard look when I am at the traffic lights, give it a stroke here and there ..... It would usually take me about 2 weeks or so to snap out of this dreamy mode. :yes:
  4. I totally know what you mean. i wait forever to take anything out because i want it to stay perfect. i actually have a chanel card holder thats been sitting in my closet for 2 weeks for this reason. once it's out i'm usually a little tense to begin with but then i forget about it. i mean, i'll check it every so often (whatever it is- bag, accessory, clothing) but generally once it's being used it's being used, you know?
  5. nah. in fact, when the first evidence of damage is discovered, that's when i feel like something is really mine, is accessible and real, not a perfect object to be protected but an item i can live with.
  6. Yea, I'm all pins and needles for two weeks. Then it's business as usual (careful whenever worn and given a quick check prior to its sleeper.)
  7. I do the same things too!

    I even keep my Orange Dogon wallet in a dustbag in my purse so nothing else scratches it. I am just pitiful.:nuts:
  8. I do the same thing...but I am usually happy to get the first "ding" overwith. My husband tells me all the time if you can afford nice things-you can afford to use them.
  9. OMG.....I do the same thing with SOME bags. Like my Chocolate Box was so perfect that I wanted it to stay as perfect as possible for as long as possible. LOL!!!! Fat chance with Box calf!!!!
  10. I am VERY careful with my belongings.
  11. When I was little, I always wanted 2 of everything.....just alike.

    One to keep brand new, the other to "play with."

    I'm still the same, but, can you imagine?? 2 BJ Birkins, 2 Black Kellys, 2 Raisin Bolides, 2 of everything, just alike??

    Dream world:rolleyes: but it would be fun....
  12. Yes, sadly I am the same way. It is stressful in the extreme. Once the novelty wears off it is much easier. Same with a new car. Once there is that first ding from another persons car door, I am much more relaxed.
  13. I am careful with my belongings, but I don't necessarily equate careful with obsessive. I don't buy H bags as an investment; I buy what I like and I buy what I will like to use. I did buy a Longchamps Pliage as a "travel bag" for my lighter colored bags, but that's really my only "concession" to carrying/using Hermes bags. I have to admit that I don't even store them in sleepers or boxes, as a general rule. The boxes take up too much room in my closet and are placed in storage.

    My first black togo birkin has been used so much as a briefcase and general carryall that some tPFers would probably be horrified -- but she's been well-loved and has certainly been all over the world!
  14. funnyredhed, that sounds fabulous! To me, that's exactly what Hermes is supposed to be.
  15. Haha I do the same with the new you..but after a few uses then it became the usual... :p