Am I the only one who's had enough pink?

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  1. pink is my favorite so I will always like it :smile:
  2. I feel like pink interiors are taking over this forum in March. Here's to hoping for more blues and greens in the future!
  3. Also love pink and LV really nailed it for me with RB. But, I am craving more blues, greens and purples. Maybe a nice wearable turquoise for summer! And, deep l, saturated hues for fall.
  4. Pink is my favorite color so I am pretty happy
  5. :lol: can you believe that discussion on pink interiors took up approximately 30 pages, my goodness :nuts:
  6. There is another version of pink coming in May/June.
  7. Aaaahhh so much pink for far too long.

    For a while, the alma pm in Vernis grand bleu would show up on their website but I think it was a glitch. I've been longing for a blue alma Vernis for a while now, but they keep releasing new shades of pink instead 😞
  8. Really? Do you know what shade of pink? Thanks as always for your info!!