Am I the only one who's had enough pink?

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  1. +1 I love the new color of Ice. That Babylone in Ice is TDF... but I already have it in Magnolia and White so no Ice for me this Season! :girlsigh:
  2. Never been a pink fan myself:nogood:

  3. I loooove the Babylone, such a classic beauty.
    How about the perforated SC in ice? A different style at least[emoji6] That's the only way I'm justifying buying it plus it's blue!
  4. I can totally relate with silver hardware on new man bags! LOL
  5. I´m not a pink person at all. Don´t own any bags or SLGs in this color. So yes, I´d rather see some other spring colors, like a light blue.
    I do love red and a rich coral though, but not the poppy.

    On the other hand I´m glad I won´t be tempted too much by all the new pink bags :biggrin:.
  6. Oh wow, the perforated SC in Ice is gorgeous! That is one beautiful handbag. Unfortunately, my wallet is out of business for a bit, :girlsigh: or I would grab that SC in a heart beat...
  7. Pinks the only colour for me!! Or maybe black & turquoise !
    I feel most styles end up with to many colours I don't like!
    Yellow dark red orange green eggplant.
    I guess it's the way you look at 😋
  8. It can be a bit much certainly in some shades and I think some are hard to pull off if you are more mature. I really love a nice bright shocking pink though and was hoping the rumours that the new iPhone SE was going to come in shocking pink were true, sadly not the case.
  9. I agree. But these colors sell so well in the Asian markets which I believe is a huge part of their revenue.

    I have been waiting for a good malachite green for what feels like the length of my life lol. I wish they would focus on their own signature colors. Like Hermes with their varieties. If the prices weren't crazy I would start opting for that brand just to have those gorgeous colors lol.
  10. I hear ya. Pink and brown make awesome color combo. I would love to see some turquoise and brown pieces. :smile:
  11. I like the pink colors i find the RB very pretty ! I would like to see more blue colors and even grey !
  12. It's not just you feeling this way. I've been practically begging LV to re-introduce some beautiful new blues and greens...I remember the blue nuit and would love to see it, or an equivalent, again or a nice rich emerald.
  13. I can't get enough pinks!
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    So sick of the pinks and reds! Warm colors do go well with monogram, so I guess that's part of the appeal. I don't care if they think blue doesn't go as well with monogram...I'd die for a NF with blue interior. WITHOUT a big V on the front. :lol:
  15. +1
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