Am I the only one who's had enough pink?

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  2. Haha, this is exactly how I feel! :smile:
  3. I love the pink ! Happy with rose litchi because it looks nice on my brea. I am hoping that they will come out with a Baby pink with strong shimmer on it ...
  4. Pink is my favorite color even though I rarely wear it. The sight of it just makes me happy. For years I longed for a pink LV item. I missed the boat on Rose Pop. I purchased a Mon Mono Neverfull with ivory and fushia to satisfy my urge. Then DH surprised me with a Rose Litchi Alma PM when they first came out. He also surprised me with an MC Sarah with pink interior. Then I had to tell him to stop. LOL. I don't want any more pink. Personally I do not like the baby pink shades. At. All.

    I would LOVE a deep blue empreinte wallet but not as dark as Infini. I wish they would come out with something.

  5. I think rose nacre was close to that. There's a new colour lilac nacre...check it out.

  6. Thank you! Maybe blueberry?! But from what I remember it's only in epi.
    A gorgeous green, purple or red for fall will be a welcomed change. Cheers to hoping and waiting...
  7. I agree. I am not a pink person. I love greens and blues. I even got a mimosa neverfull when the colored interior first came out when everyone else seemed to be loving the fuchsia. I have a fuchsia clemence and love the wallet itself, but wish the mimosa I had wouldn't have smelled so bad or I would have stayed with the yellow. I don't know why, but pink just isn't for me. A true purple would be nice too!
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    Oh my! We definitely are wishing for the same colors! I love Green and it's such a classic, classy color. I'd love a dark green or olive green ( PS and Fendi both have a beautiful olive green at the moment!). Menthe was a fabulous Epi color! I'd also be interested in a rich Bordeaux or Cognac. As for Blueberry Epi, my SA showed me pics a few months ago and I wasn't wowed, but maybe it'll hold more appeal in real life. Fingers crossed.
  9. I'd really love a petrol or mono/petrol bag. :smile:
  10. I like fuschia, but I don't care for pink. People are nuts about pink ballerina but I like blues, aqua, navy. I missed out on the Olive Vernis Alma BB. That was the only Vernis that I was ever excited about. Saw it on youtube. Didn't know how limited it was so delayed too long. It was gone. I still watch that youtube video once in a while. Sigh...
  11. I would like navy to be permanent in all the leathers. And maybe some eggplant in the fall every year. Some variant of dark purple.
  12. My favorite colors are pink and red! I love love them in any shades BUT I do agree, it's been nothing but pink lately. I think the nf in azur would look soo pretty in a teal/blue/green type of color. Why does LV not listen?! I can't keep up with all these pinks even though I want them all! It just makes me take a step back for now. Haven't bought LV since last summer! About due for one.
  13. If they ever do empreinte in a green color I'll be done. Stick a fork in me, done. :greengrin:
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