Am I the only one who's had enough pink?

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  1. I miss Marc Jacobs. Lol. He seemed to always bring out a whole range of colors. Even mirror ones and shocking ones.. And make them all feel fresh.
  2. +1 Especially in Vernis. There was always a great mix of bright, seasonal colors. So I'm way over pink too, especially baby pink. Blech! :tup:
  3. I don't understand popularity of rose ballerine. Boring baby pink everywhere and people go crazy. Need something else but I think LV will be stuck at this pink pink pink until everyone is over it.
  4. I agree and disagree. I like the pink interior of the SLGs and some bags, it's just a fun color to have... but I'm DYING for anything in blue and turquoise!! I also love mimosa too =]

    Cobalt would be fantastic...

    However, all the pinks sell like hot cakes so it explains why they're going with it.
  5. So agree!
    Pink can be very nice but it's been too much!
    And I absolutely hate the DA/ pink combo, urgh.
    Pink goes better with DE or mono in my opinion.
    But many seems to love it.
  6. With the blue/grey of the DA print I'm surprised they haven't used a pale blue lining instead of the pink.
  7. Totes agree. I will never buy pink and often go to different brands for greens, blues, purples. 🙁

  8. That's true, I guess that's LVs way of saying at least they did something in blue. There's the colour ice (baby blue) but only available in SC and Babylone. They could have made more pieces in that colour!

  9. x1000!

  10. Exactly! That would be beautiful!
  11. Pink is my favourite colour but LV has completely saturated the market. Where is the love for purple, orange, green? I really miss the beautiful Pomme and want more reds with cool undertones.
  12. Love pink especially baby pink. Wish other brands had this color in durable leather like.
  13. 'Pink is my signature color'
  14. The overload of pink, particularly baby pink shades, makes me want to barf. 😄 Cheers!

    Now the real question would be: why is baby pink so popular? There seems to be a real addiction to Rose Ballerine! Every time a new RB item is released, so many start behaving like cocaine addicts! 🙃 Is this a Peter Pan syndrome side-effect?

    Anyway, I am sure it will pass, like everything else. To be fair, Louis Vuitton offers a wide range of colors. Much more than ten years.
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    These are the exact same colors I'd love to see LV do! As far as pink is concerned, I'm neutral. It isn't a color I gravitate to, it's not in my wardrobe and it doesn't flatter my skin tone, so I don't buy anything pink. I do understand pink is a classic color, and for some it's their preference, but variety is what draws me in. True Blues, Elegant purple, and Rich reds are timeless, wearable sophisticated shades. I'd love to see some of these soon!