Am I The Only One Who....


Nov 27, 2009
New York City
Hello, ladies this idea is either really smart or really dumb but im taking a chance here =)
I constantly ask myself if i am the only who does certain things and sometimes im dying to ask others opinions but i dont know where to post, this is a thread where we can ask all types of opinion questions...i'll start =)

1-am i the only one who has bought a shoe that wasnt their size because they loved it so much!?

2-am i the only one who thinks tights with open toed shoes looks weird?

3-am i the only who religiously saves and maintains thier cl boxes and gets a little irritated when they buy a pair of shoes that doesnt come with one?


Jan 26, 2009
Metro Detroit
1. I don't cuz I've always been sorry in the past- I like a perfect fit!
2. generally I agree!
3. it upsets me if there is even tape or creases on my CL boxes; I have switched tops at the store to have a perfect one :P


Mar 25, 2008
1 - nope. I have a pair of Bloody Mary's that are 1.5 sizes too big that I need to sell. I bought knowing full well that they were my size. *stupid, I know*

2 - nope, looks bizarre to me too.

3 - nope I feel the same way.

Kindred spirits....:hugs:


Hermès Hottie
Jun 17, 2009
1. no. i buy shoes that aren't my size all the time because i really want them and i hate waiting. i make it work with padding, insoles or professional stretching.

2. i agree that tights look weird with open-toed shoes SOMETIMES, but sometimes i don't mind it as much and i have no idea why..

3. i will never buy a pair of Louboutins that does not come with a box. and i keep them in pristine condition.. i hate when places (SAKS!!) gives me beaten up boxes.. urkes me.


Jul 27, 2008
1. no i've bought too big and too small shoes cuz they were the only ones i could find and i couldn't bear not to have them. made them work with padding or stretching.
2. agree
3. agree... same goes for dustbags


Mar 18, 2009
1) I have bought too big, but I am considering selling them, it's driving me a little nuts the extra room. But on boots, I like the extra room.
2) Open shoes and tights, don't seem to match at all. I really never like it. They don't make sense in a way
3) I actually haven't bought certain pairs because they come without a box.

Good post Baby!!!


Pastries + Purses + Puppies + Play = Happy Panda
Aug 5, 2009
San Francisco
1.) haven't done that yet but I have definitely been confused by CL sizing..and sometimes a shoe fits in the store..then stretches after one wear and then my heel pops out. I thought I could wear a 38 in my nude new simple 120s but they're too big and putting a petal on the bottom makes my heel pop out more.

2.) I usually don't like tights with open-toe shoes but seeing patterned tights on the Marchesa runway with open toe shoes made me change my mind! Lovely open-toe winter booties with tights, ^_^

3.) I have saved all of my CL boxes and I've never purchased a pair that didn't have its box. I like storing them in their boxes, hehehe.

New questions!

1.) Am I the only one whose SO critiques her CL collection?(SO says you don't need more could buy XYZ for that price etc?)

2.) Am I the only one who was saving $/planning to drop a significant amount on the CL Fall 2010 collection and realizing "oh bl33p, I should probably use my $ more wisely"? I calculated how much it would cost for all of the shoes on my shopping list, around $20K, and it sounded really ludicrous to me and now I feel like I need to re-prioritize things
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Aug 18, 2006
1. I will no longer buy CLs that don't fit-it really isn't worth it to me if I am falling out of or dying in my shoes.
2. I like tights with very specific CLs only.
3. I prefer getting the box, but can certainly survive without it for a fabulous pair of shoes, like my pilots, among others.
Aug 25, 2006
1. I have one pair that are about a 1 size to 1/2 size too big, but I stuffed them with foot petals and they work great on days that I need to stand a lot. I find the shoes that I stretched to fit are never comfortable for long periods even though they may fit like a glove, they hurt once my feet swell throughout the day.
2. I like fishnets with open toes shoes, but not tights.
3. I keep/have all my boxes. But I am not really all that concerned whether I have the box or not, unless I think that I might sell them one day.


Hermès Hottie
Jun 17, 2009
Panda's Qs

1. sadly i can't agree to this one. my dbf loves my shoes and will drop lots of $$ on more for me. (example: he stayed longer on our winter vacation this year (7 days longer than me) so he bought me 7 new pairs of Louboutins to make up for it.. actually i got an extra pair.. so 8

2. i've added up my complete wishlist (not yet posted in sig) and i do think i'm a little nuts, but i never consider spending the money on anything more practical :smile: hehe.


Oct 24, 2008
1-NO- I have shoes that are soo small and too large. My first pair were too small as I hadn't quite figured out the Louboutin sizing yet (and I still wear them!!)

2-NO- it looks totally weird. Wear closed-toed shoes.

3-NO- and not only for Louboutins- for any designer shoes- Manolos, Prada, etc. They all must be perfectly maintained in the boxes in their appropriate places.


1.) NO- my SO critiques EVERYTHING I buy- esp. shoes. I'm grateful that I'm finally getting him to see the value in Chanel bags.

2.) Yes & No- I try not to add up the numbers or I get overwhelmed. LOL. I just buy one thing at a time and then move on to the next!!


Nov 27, 2009
New York City
1+ just about everyone in my life besides you girls tells me not to buy anymore shoes....even though they are probably right heehee
2+yessssssssss i have like 5 pairs picked out already that i dont even know the names yet but im already saving!!


OMG Shoez!
Jun 18, 2007
1. i definitely have...but in the end i will more than likely end up getting rid of them for something else

2. i may be alone on this one but depending on the style/outfit i like certain open toed shoes with tights..... but it really does depend on the the outfit/look

3. i HATE when it doesnt come with a box, box is messed up, dustbags missing...... etc.
Apr 15, 2007
I prefer to buy shoes that fit on my foot, however, I have bought many

pairs of shoes that were too beautiful to pass up and knowing that more likely

than not ,will never put them on.. just recently bought a pair of purple alligator

shoes with a higher heel than I usually wear, but had to have them..