Am I the only one who waits to use the new purchases?

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  1. I just posted this on my Instagram today and it made me think...

    Am I the only one who waits sometimes weeks to use their new purchases? I'll take them out, admire them even "play" with them, I'll put my things in them, carry them around the house and figure out what outfits will look best with them... But for some reason I wait... I wait to really use them.

    Not sure why. I love all my new goodies and I don't buy things not to get good use out of them. Sometime I'll wait a few days, other times a few weeks, but I always do make sure to use it at least once before the return date / exchange date arrives.

    Just curious if your a waiter or an instant user???

  2. I am with you all the way!! I often wait also before using. Mine is usually guilt driven, I honestly feel guilty sometimes spoiling myself....others no problem but myself that takes a warm up period for me.

    Happy Birthday shes a beauty, enjoy!
  3. I got the empreinte key pouch a few weeks ago and have yet to use it lol. I use my bags immediately, but for some reason my SLGs I do not.
  4. I use them right away, I can't wait lol
  5. Depends what it is. If I can use it immediately I do but if it's something suited to a specific kind of occasion or outfit I wait - impatiently looking at it, holding, trying it on etc etc
  6. I bought a new Speedy B earlier this year and I've only carried it (briefly) on two occasions. To me, it was such a big purchase that I'm reluctant to use it regularly - I need it to last a long time! I do have other quality bags but some of them weren't purchased new, and I'm less precious about them.

    Sometimes I'll buy something nice and through lack of wear I'll forget I own it - a couple of years later I'll suddenly discover it again and start to use it fairly regularly.
  7. I use my new purchases about ten seconds after I walk out of the store.
  8. Impatient SapphireGem is an Instant User. Especially with all the quality issues I've read/heard about. If I do run into any issues, I want to make sure they get fixed within the 1 year mark.

    BTW, congrats on your beautiful key pouch!
  9. It's usually weeks or months sometimes before I wear my new handbags. For no particular reason
  10. +1
  11. I'm a waiter - no idea why. I think it's spurred on by being quite impulsive with my purchases. Like I bought a neverfull in 2012, it got it's first (and many) use this month, and I love it.
  12. :roflmfao:
    I like your response

    Me too . Love my beauties but need to use them too asap :biggrin:
  13. + 1
    Good to know, I am not the only one...
  14. I bought mine and use it everyday and everywhere since the Day I have it :biggrin:

    Put my others bags on retirement for the moment :lol:

    Love it so much much. No problems with it.

  15. Carpe diem :cool:
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