Am I the only one who loves taking pictures of bags??

  1. I just got a Coach wallet and wristlet a few days ago, and I can't control the urge to take pictures! I love seeing and taking professional/good-looking photos... It's been sunny the past few days here, so I'm taking advantage of the natural light and taking some extra pics. :love: I feel really foolish... any of you feel the same way?

    By the way, here are some of the pics I took. :biggrin: I took much better ones this afternoon...! (i'm planning to sell these, so I want them to look PERFECT!)



  2. Nice pictures! I like taking pictures of my bags, too, or shoes, or just when I buy something new :lol:

    The color of that wallet is beautiful! :love:
  3. man i wish that was the checkbook wallet not the little one. i would so buy that from you right this second. :smile:

    i like taking pictures too, but it's usually to show all you ladies. those are some fab photo skills you have!! beautiful pictures. :smile:
  4. Totally, I take pics of bags even if I decide I don't like it and return it. I have a bag folder in my pics section. And plus u get to show off you bags in the bag showcase gallery!
  5. I love taking photos.. but digital photography continues to confound me. Maybe I'm old school.. I only know how to use my manual Nikon SLR.
  6. I totally understand what you mean. Ever since I figured out how to use my DH's camera (he has a Nikon D70s), I feel like taking more pics. Of course, he likes to do raw images and I just put it on auto but I had so much fun taking pics of my bags for the bag showcase thread. I feel like buying more bags just so I can take more pics:smile:
  7. The wallet pictures are perfect! Nice.

    I would if my stupid camera wasn't busted :/
  8. I would love it if I could take better pictures!!!
  9. Hmmm I think as long as you have a digital camera that can focus, good outdoor lighting, and a clean background it'll look nice! 8D
  10. nice pictures, they're great quality, and i love the wristlet!
  11. I love to take pictures in general! Out of my friends I'm always the one taking pictures. I loooove my camera!

    p.s. I have that wristlet!
  12. I'm obsessed with photography in general. It's a genetically transmitted disease, my dad is the same :biggrin:

    We have zillions of pictures etc. I still prefer SLR to digital but I'm getting better with the digicam now.
  13. Congrats on your purchase! I wish I took better pics. I do have a folder with pics of my bags to refer to when I'm planning an outfit. I forget what I have. I just look at the pics and decide which bag I want, then I have to kind of hunt for it because they are all in dust bags.
  14. Kee-yoot!
  15. I love taking pics of my bags too, it relaxes me :huh:....I'm constantly striving to get the best pic I can and thanks to Fayden, maybe I can. My husband just shakes his head and laughs "taking pics of your bags again"!
    Congrats on your new purchases...great choices!
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