Am I the only one who likes her Speedy saggy?

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  1. I keep thinking I should get a purseket or somesuch, but the fact is that I kinda like my Speedy saggy. For me, I like to wear my $$$$ items just as casually and comfortably as I wear jeans/sweats. Am I the only one?

    Or should I shape up, act like a grownup & get a Speedy shaper?

    PS: I'm 50+
  2. I adore the way my Speedy 30 sags. I don't like the structured look. To each their own......
  3. If I ever got a Speedy, I would let it sag naturally. I don't like bags that are too stiff/structured.
  4. I am a fan of both the sagging and non-sagging Speedy. Not many people like the sagging effect, but I do!
  5. I'm thinking about getting a speedy this spring. And I was debating if I liked the sagging effect or not.

    But the more pics I see the more I like the sagging. Makes it seem more natural.
  6. I like a little sag, but not too too much. I like sagging from the sides, but not the bottom, if that makes sense.
  7. I like it both ways. I especially like the saggy pictures of Jessica Simpson and her Speedy 30.
  8. I've turned to the dark side. I used to have support in my Mc speedy and my speedy 25 and last summer decided I wanted to go oh natural... and i'm loving it.
  9. I am a structure freak lol, i HAVE to have stucture in my bags, if not i sit there and constantly nit-pick at it. lol...
  10. I don't have a speedy... but I hope to get one soon... and I will let her sag... I LOVE the way it looks saggy!! You are not the only one:smile:
  11. I LOVE a saggy speedy! Mine is a 25 so doesn't sag as much as a 30 or 35. I did buy a purseket about a month ago and while it did help keep my speedy organized, I got rid of it because it looked too structured from the outside.

    Burn those pursekets ladies and let them sag! Ok, that didn't sound right.
  12. I dont have one yet.. but I cant wait to get mine so it can sag!! hehe..
  13. I definitely prefer the sag.
  14. I prefer sag too. I feel like it's meant to be that way! I have a base shaper for my neverfull GM because it looks really weird when it sags. But the speedy is perfect just the way she is! haha.
  15. I like structured bags - so I don't like the Speedy to sag... especially at the bottom.