Am I the only one who is underwhelmed by the Bleecker collection.

  1. Don't get me wrong, LOVE the leather, the colors, and all that, but as a whole I feel "eh" about this whole new line.

    Maybe I've reached a saturation point with Coach...hmmmmmm.
  2. No, you're not the only one. The style is just not for me.

    Aren't we glad Coach comes out with new bags so often!!
  3. I think its a beautiful line but after awhile its expected that you won't fall in love with every single line. (maybe there are some exceptions)
    I like the colors and the classic style this season but am not going out to purchase anything. Last year I was really wowed over the 2006 legacy line and haven't been as excited since.
  4. I'm not loving them either. They are very nice and the colors are beautiful, but they just aren't for me. Kind of disappointed, I want to love everything Coach releases!
  5. Haven't posted in awhile but yes, I feel the same way. All of the preview pictures looked great but seeing them online today I am kinda disappointed. I'm going tomorrow to check them out in person and see what I think.
  6. I don't like the shape. That bucket type bag is just not for me. I really do like the small signature hobo looking things though. Too bad I just bought an Ergo not too long ago or else I'd exchange.
  7. I was totally excited for them 2 months ago when the SA showed me the catalog but now that I've seen them I'm not very impressed. Altho I do like the signature flap that you can wear as a crossbody. But I'm only seeing the leather one on the U.S website and the Signature one is on the Japan website. I wonder when they're going to have it available here
  8. I've seen a lot of the bleecker bags and the leather is yummy. I am going to try the medium duffle. It looks funny stuffed but when you put your things in it I think it might hang better. The wine is just beautiful IRL!
  9. I'm interested in seeing Felicia & the Lg Duffle IRL but other than those two, nothing is calling to me.
  10. uuumm..... no... you are not the only one ;)
  11. I don't like them either. I thought I was the only one, glad to know I am in good company. I also must add that I have not seen them in person, but the style of them and horse and buggy is just not for me at all.
  12. :nogood: Not making me drool either. Maybe this means I can save some $$ the next few months!
  13. I agree, I'm just not blown away...but I consider that a good thing since I need to save some money :smile:
  14. I really like the leather, but this collection doesn't "wow" me like other ones do. Some pieces are TDF, but as a whole I think it's nice, but not really my thing.
  15. Same for me -- I like the actual leather and I think the colors are great but the styles of the bags do not excite me at all. I think the Tattersall lining is really cute, though! :yes: