Am I the only one who is kinda fond of Juicy Couture?

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  1. Definitely not their recent stuff,

    But I have definitely bought their white quilted leather bowler, their boho chic hippie-inspired bag, their large baby fluff bag

    i mean, some of their stuff is suuuuper cute. does anyone else share this sentiment?

    I'm talking about their older stuff, not their newer stuff, I think it's mostly been tacky.
  2. There are some bags that catch my attention. But because it is mainly carried by young girls in my area (very young) I havent bought one. There was a 9 year old at Nordstoms the other day wearing one and picking out some accessories telling her mother how happy she was that everything was so cheap. This was a real turn off for me.

    The only one I really want doesnt have anything on it that screams Juicy (IMO). I am just utterly attracted to how soft the leather was on it. Unfortunately its gone now I am never got the chance to add it to my collection. :crybaby:
  3. I only like their leather hobos... Bianca and Ruby Tuesday I believe.
  4. I like their leather bags, but I usually hold off because I know they are going to go on sale.
  5. My boyfriend won't let me get Juicy bags because he think they look like toys! LOL

    He's thinking mostly of the terry cloth ones, though, I don't think he knows about the leather/suede purses.
  6. I am. A lot of their stuff is cute and lately its getting more sophisticated. I just haven't bought anything b/c I don't think their quality makes their pricing.
  7. I don't own any but I think the leather one are the cutest..I loved the one LC had on the hills. I agree some of there stuff is made for the younger crowd like Dooney.
  8. I love the leather Juicy bags. The leather is really soft. I only have a turquoise baby fluff but would like to add a pink one and a bakelite lily hobo to my collection.

  9. Yeah thats the only reason why I personally started looking into their leather hobos... LC has a Bianca tote
  10. I LOVE their leather,its so soft!. I have only one clutch that I got at Loehmans. I want to get the Janey Baby classic leather bag,it is so pretty!. Im just waiting until it goes on sale. I cant justify spending almost $500 on a Juicy Couture bag,I rather save up,and get a LV!
  11. I have two Juicy bags and they are SO cute! (dont' get me started on jewelry; that's becoming an addiction).

    I have a very small bright green leather handheld with gold chain and charms, and a burgundy suede with brown leather outside pockets and a brown leather strap and a couple metal fringe tassels on the outer pockets. Sounds funky, but it's actually pretty understated due to the darker colors.

    I don't care too much for the ones that just scream JUICY in huge letters. And the terry cloth ones would get way too dirty IMO too quickly.
  12. You let you boyfriend have a say in what bags you purchase???!!:Push:
  13. NOt a fan of the bags..although the older superstar is quite cute...i totally love their charm bracelet though! i am addicted to getting the charms.
  14. I actually think their bags have been getting better. I quite liked the baby fluff, and have a turquoise heart wristlet. I think that they've been hiking up their prices though, in an attempt to take their brand more "upscale."
  15. I like a lot of bags from Juicy (old & new), they are super cute to me. =)