Am I the only one who has a TON of fragrance samples?

  1. I swear half the perfume I wear is from samples! I don't buy very much makeup but when I do, I always order it from, and you get to pick three samples at checkout. I always choose perfume since I know those are the only kind of samples I will use.

    I seriously think I must have 20 different ones at home, and I've probably used up 20 more over the past year. Between fragrance samples and gifts of perfume that loved ones buy for me, I can't even remember the last time I purchased a full-sized bottle of perfume for myself. It must have been several years ago.

  2. no, you´re not alone ;)

    difference: I don´t wear them, because I seldom like them...
  3. I have a lot of Sephora samples too. I don't wear most of them though. Most of the time, I find that I don't like the scent.
  4. I like to collect the ones that come in cute little bottles
  5. i love sample perfumes too!

    nice way to make sure you LOVe it before u buy it.
  6. My cosmetic case is FULL with sephora samples. Not only perfume, bronzers, mostizurers and so much more!
  7. But you get so many samples, that you´ve got no chance, to buy it, because the bulk of new ones complicate the decision:nuts:
  8. Yep, me too. I'm not really a perfume wearer so they just keep piling up.