Am I the only one who has a hard time giving up a piece of clothing? :(

  1. Well...It's official. I can no longer close my favorite pair of jeans. I used to be able to kinda fold them over so that they would sit under my bump...but I can't do it anymore. :hysteric:

    These are my absolute favorite pair of jeans. I have had them for about...IDK...3 years and they are well worn :smile: I've already had to fix the inner-thigh portion twice (my thighs rub together :yucky:) because they got holes in them from too much wear / friction...

    Is it time for me to give these jeans up now? I can't button them anymore, and seeing them in the closet just makes me so sad. I was joking with Bart that I was going to buy one of those "button extender" things...But..Maybe it is time to give them up :crybaby:

    Anybody else have a piece of clothing that is old, still well loved??? I'm sure I'm not the only one that has a hard time giving something like this up!!
  2. Can't you buy something that allows you to wear regular pants when you are pregnant? I swear I saw/heard about this somewhere. Sorry I can't be more of a help.

    It is hard to give up a piece of clothing. I had a pair of jeans like yours, and they just got too worn to wear. I just treated myself to some new jeans and I eventually forgot about the old ones. :smile:
  3. Why dont you get rid of them and once the baby is born treat yourself to a nice new pair!
  4. I'm the same. The last time it happened was with my fave black Armani-pants. But you know, just because you remember how great they *used* to look and feel, doesnt mean everyone else can see (or remember) that now. So I eventually tossed the pants, but I am desperately trying to find a new pair of fave black pants.
  5. I'm really sentimental about pretty much everything I own, so I would not be able to get rid of them. And anyways, you won't be pregnant forever, so you'll probably be back in your favorite jeans in no time. And I hate it too when jeans get worn out, but personally I'd wear them until they fell apart if they're comfy.
  6. I am not sentimental AT ALL about my clothes.

    If they don't fit and flatter, they go to a charity shop.
  7. Clothes are meant to make you look good when you wear them. They are not meant to adorn hangers or shelves. If you can't fit them and know that they are getting worn - then it may be time to give them away.

    Or even better, I would take them with me when I go shopping for a new pair. Show them to the shop assistant and say "these jeans made me feel fantastic when I wore them and I am looking for a pair to replace them." Doing that helps the SA since they can look at the designer/maker and select similar styles and cuts - plus it will be nice to have your old ones ushering in the new jeans!
  8. That's an excellent point of view...I'll definitely keep that in the back of my mind.
  9. Same here~ I purge my closet several times a year. Goodwill LOVES me:p Many items still have tags on them.. I'm learning not to binge shop & take my time to find perfect pieces, not "OK, they'll grow on me" pieces (cause those are the ones that inevitably get thrown out)
  10. I'm goodwill's best donator too. But I will confess I hung on to a pair of jeans from high school for a few years after convinced I could get in them again. When I decided I probably never will I donated them. I have a lot of weight to lose but need to find other motivations (bags lol). I do have some of my old dance uniforms stored away though.
  11. I'm also sentimental about clothes but I hardly ever wear clothes until they are threadbare. Usually I just store them somewhere or they get left behind in whichever city I'm in. I change my wardrobe every 3-6 months so I'll "rediscover" pieces from before from my other closets. I hate getting rid of things, when I do it usually goes to my sisters or to my mom so I guess it's still relatively easy to get them back.

    Once, however, I had a box of clothes that I meant to store, but my mom misunderstood and she divided the clothes among her and my sisters. I was a bit peeved but I don't really remember or miss those clothes, which suggests I don't "need" most of what's in my closet (at least the inaccessible ones) anyway!
  12. Well...I got rid of them today :sad: haha, I was so sad. They fit me so nicely (when I could close them!), were the perfect length and they just looked great! Oh well...I guess I'll start the hunt after I pop this baby out and lose the baby weight!
  13. I regret getting rid of some pairs of jeans that no longer fit, but then I lost weight and they would have fit. If there is a chance you can fit into them again, hold onto them. Store them. I still regret getting rid of an old bf's pair of faded vintage Levi 501. they were gorgeous.
  14. I get so sad if it's something that I once really liked or had for a long time...I usually try to give it to a place where it will find a good home and a chic wearer.

    I made a really bad decision once though. I had this 80s oversized, red-and-white checkered/houndstooth jacket and I wore it to school one day and it just got overpowering and I took it off. Not sure why, it just lost all the fun and got irritating after 2 hours. So, I gave it to my friend. Now I see her wear it and even though I know I wouldn't have worn it any more, it just makes me sad.

    I'd say it was time to get rid of them. I just hope you took them to a consignment store so that you could get a little something in return. Try to find a pair that looks similar, if you can. It'll lessen the grief :flowers: