Am I the only one who doesn't like 'reality' TV?

  1. With the writers strike, I know soon we will be stuck with nothing else...but I really dislike 'reality' tv.

    It is so fake most of the time, with their dialogue consultants :yucky:.
  2. I don't like "reality" shows either, they're so fake. The only show that I can stand is The Amazing Race.
  3. Sorry, but I love it :smile: Especially like celebrity fit club and biggest loser..I love trasformations!
  4. The closest thing to reality tv that I can watch is Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Other than that, I find it uninteresting to me.
  5. I'm more than tired of teh overabundance of reality shows personally. I think reality tv used to be interesting back when it the shows were few and far between (it really as a guilty pleasure) but now there is a reality show for EVERYTHING - reality dancing, reality cooking, reality vacuuming....geesh!

    tPF will probably have a reality show soon.....ok wait, that one may not be so bad...:~)
  6. i dont like most reality shows just americas next top model, hells kitchen, and american idol...... I like to watch the final episode of the biggest loser, just not the whole show haha
  7. One of the "odd" things I find about "reality tv" is 90% of them are people hired thru casting agency and scripted and or edited to appear as "reality".
    that kind of take the reality out of reality for me.
  8. what is so entertaining about actors getting paid millions to read a script? I like reality show, the drama is sometimes unpredictable.
  9. Exactly...and the don't have writers, but 'dialog consultants'

    and people believe what they are watching is real...isn't that fraud?
  10. I don't watch much TV, but what I do watch is reality TV, but very little of it. I like: Top Chef, Iron Chef, Project Runway, House Hunters and the new one I just saw, "How to look good naked" or something like that. While I was waiting to go to bed last night I did watch a couple of others and I was think OMG this is awful. I think it was Clean House. I don't like "moving up" and other "cheesy" ones at all.

    I can't even tell you the last time I watched any sitcom or drama - at least 5 years.
  11. I think I got interested in Reality TV because some actors anymore think they are alllllll that!! It turns me off when someone makes $1 million an episode for a few days of work and then they ***** about it. Or when actors like Jorja Fox from CSI try to protest work for more $$, only to be fired later on. They need to go mine coal for a day and find out what real work is. Sorry for the rant!

    So I turned to reality cause its usually just as funny. I do admit though that shows like I Love NY are a bit over the top! And the Hills really bugs me for how they try to come off as reality, when they are so scripted (even to the point where they smirk like wow I am on TV)
  12. No, you are not the only one. I have never watched any of those shows and I doubt I ever will.
  13. Before you give up on reality TV, try wactching Rob & Big.

    It is about as far from the bulk of the genre as you can get. You will not stop laughing, and you will come away with an odd sense that there may be hope for the world after all.
  14. Hi Lady chinadoll! I feel the same is scripted and I think it is insulting that they think this is what appeals to us! Of course, someone must be watching...not me!
  15. my bf hates it as well..i am banned from watching any reality shows at his apartment...even with american idol premiering last night, he wouldnt let me watch it =(