Am I the only one who doesn't get Isabella Fiore?

  1. I was looking at this bag: :wtf:

    I know there are probably lots of people who love all the detailing in these bags, but I guess I don't get them.

    What's the allure? They must be sellers cause they're everywhere?!
  2. I don't really get them either.
  3. You are not alone. I am not fond of IF bags as well. IF's design is "too busy" for me.
  4. I think it's because they are unique and eclectic-looking. I don't like them either. I think they're more popular with older women.
  5. I agree, most are. There is the oss one that I have fallen in love with over the years, like the pug dog (hmmmm.....who'd have guessed? But on the whole they are not my favourite bags. They also go on sale more frequently than other bags.
  6. I think part of the appeal is that the styles never repeat so they quickly become collectors items.

    i don't like this one in the OP at all. IF is very very hit or miss, IMO. I have 3 but they are all much more understated as you can see. And even I am a little bleeeh on the bronze one, lol.
    IF_group (2).jpg
  7. I bought and quickly sold a IF bag. I thought I liked the uniqueness of the bag and all the details, studs, etc, but it's not my taste either. I can't completely rule out that I'll never buy one again, but it's certainly not my first choice. It's kind of hard to buy an IF bag once you've gone premium designer.:nuts:
  8. I'm not big on the the wallets though. Getting one next week. I just like stuff that's different. It gives the inside of my purse a little "kick".
  9. I agree that some of their styles are hit and miss. I have the Audra Whipflash which is one of their more understated bag and I think it's very nicely made and cute, but that being said, the studding is minimal on it. The quality is pretty good especially as they do go on sale seasonally, but you do have to search through the different styles to find one that fits you.
  10. They are cute bags.
  11. they're all over the place and they go from terribly fug to 'meh, it's ok but i don't want it'.
  12. I thought I hated them for a long time, but I've suddenly become obessed with the Quilty Pleasures (in platinum) and Metal of Honor (in pearlized green) Carina bags. Most of the rest of them strike me as skewed a little older.
  13. Most of the IF bags are gorgeous. Sometimes they get a little over-embellished for my taste though.
  14. I'm in the "don't get it" camp. They remind me of some of the over-appliqued clothing my mother buys.
  15. I don't care for the IF "Tatoo" bags (like the one in the OP's pic), but some of the other bags are kinda nice. I have an original Whipflash bag (the one Katie Holmes made so popular) and I just love it. The leather's super, super soft, and and there's just enough studs & details w/o being overdone. I also have a bag called "Dream Weaver" that's made from lambskin and is one of the softest bags I own. No studs, bells or whistles, but gorgeous stitching, tassels & details. It's a very grown up looking bag. After wanting it so desperately, I also bought her Metal of Honor Carina bag, but decided after using it for less than a month that it really wasn't for me & decided to sell it.

    I think there are still some diehard IF fans out there, but overall, I think they're losing their appeal. For one, it seems like a lot of styles are starting to repeat themselves season after season. I think when [SIZE=-1]Trang Huynh and Jennifer Tash left to start their own line (Lockheart), they took a of IF's creativity with them. In fact, my Nordstrom's SA told me that they are discontinuing the IF line. It's just not selling like it used to - she says at least 50% of all bags on the clearance table are usually IF bags.