Am I the only one who DOESN'T adore Bays?!

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  1. PLEASE don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore her on other people and whenever I see someone carrying her I do that involuntary stare'n'drool thing... But I just can't make her work for/on me. The straps are too thin for me and dig in, and the flap's a bit of a nuisance to get into... I so want to love her and dream of a yummy choc Bays all of my own, but it ain't happening. Everyone seems to have at least one and I feel like the uncool kid who sits at the back of the class! :biggrin:
  2. Nope I know how you feel. I have a choco ivy bays that i've used once!! She doesn't quite fit on my shoulder with a coat and like you i'm not keen on the 'flap'. Thing is she is so lovely i can't part with her. I'm hoping i grow into her one day!!!!
  3. I'm not a lover of the Bays either, but like you, I love the look of them on other ladies. Perhaps I'm just... well... not a lady!
  4. No you are not alone, I love Bays but nobody around me appreciate it and I can accept that! Make me happier to be tPFer :P so that I can share the joy & honest opinion!
  5. :biggrin:
    I'm the same!! When I first discovered Mulberry a few years back I quickly came to the conclusion that generally us Mulberryettes fit into two categories - the Bayswater Girl and the Roxy Girl, the former being the more ladylike and 'classic' of the two. Looking at your 'family' I think you may agree with my little theory!
    That said I do love my little Ledbury - I was going to rehome her but not sure I can go through with it! - she's great for days when I want to pretend to be a grown-up laydee. But generally, for me it's the Roxy 'gene pool' bags all the way!
    Maybe I too will one day grow into those yummy Bays too Jo... For now though I think I'm just too immature! :biggrin:
  6. I'm the opposite , I LOVE my Bays , infact all my bags are a similar shape . I have a few less structured bags and never use them .
  7. i was like that at first thought it was way to posh a bag for me i have 2 a vintage oak one and a denim fabric large bays . both i dont use much carried the oak once and not carried the denim, but i dont think i could part with either
  8. Absolutely!! Bays suit me and my lifestyle really well and fit into the preppy look that I like. However although I like the look of Roxys (only in oak tbh) I tried one in a shop and found it such a faff to get into etc and went off them straight away!! I find them a bit busy to look at too, although now I have the cc a4 tote so can't really say that now...:biggrin:
  9. I guess I am a Baysgirl. Can't stand the roxy type of bags. They just don't feel comfortable
  10. I must be well weird then. I don't do Roxy's either!!!! i'm a jacquetta/phoebe lass!!!! Like my bags with curves!!!!
  11. i'm a Roxy & Bays girl! LOL

    First fell in love with Roxy, Roxy tote, Rosemary (now leaving...)
    Now have a Bays obsession have oak & black, want stone, Choco, oak printed, navy patent...can go on & on...
    Love both styles!
  12. That theory's been blown out of the water then!!! hehe
  13. I love the classic styles of both Bays and Roxy too. Yes, they can be fiddly with the top but they are such attractive bags, that I can forgive them for that...:biggrin:
  14. I love both... and the round shapes too... :nuts:

    In the beginning I liked the look of bays best on others. Thought they would look a bit too classic on me. Or doing me more classic looking than I prefered(can I put it this way?). I like and liked the pockets and the more rugged style on the roxy and similar bags. Annie, roxy and emmy were my first three favourites - although ended up with Hanover as my first bag - round in shape and less pockets/cleaner shape.. but then emmy came just a week after..

    For me I think I had to get my first bag(s) with pockets, then I also was ready for the more classic styles too (and bags with a 'twist'). Now I want more bays.. but also another roxy.. and for the round shape, I'll have the Daria hobo
  15. I love the Bays, I think it is a style that stays interesting. Maybe it's because it is a classic that is constantly changing: leathers, colours, textures etc. As the style is simple, all these changes suit it. The Roxy easily becomes "too busy" with these changes.

    The "collector part" of me dreams of a huge collection of different Bayswaters, but as I very rarely use it as an everyday bag (I prefer slightly smaller bags for daily use), I will try to pick a couple of very special ones. I adore my black and fuchsia ones and I am hoping to get one in a beautifully coloured patent leather and another one in suede.

    Some day :smile:...