Am I the only one who does this?

  1. I put shoes that I'm lusting over in my shopping cart, and then "visit" them :drool: every other day or so until I decide (or not) to get them. I feel like a shoe stalker or something.:nuts: :roflmfao: Surely I'm not the only shoe lover who does this? C'mon...
  2. haha, i do this all the time!
  3. ditto! heh heh
  4. I've definitely done that! I think it goes along with the idea that if you can't get something out of your head, you're meant to have it. (Sort of like visual reinforcement, hah hah!)
  5. I do this, too!
  6. All the time! I think I have three different sites right now with things in my shopping cart!
    :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  7. Good tactic!
    I'm learning from you :graucho:
  8. Speaking of this... I have been stalking some espadrilles. They went on sale today and I bought them! So this method works great for snapping up things when they first go on sale.
  9. Very true. It's also good for snapping something up before it's gone (on websites that tell you how many are left in stock.) I just jumped on a pair of shoes last week that had gone down to one in stock.
    It's somewhat comforting to find that I'm not the only shoe-stalker around!:yes:
  10. LoL I'm, guilty of doing this.
  11. Yes, im guilty, lol.
  12. Yup. You just have to be super sure :smile:
  13. haha, oh my gosh, I have about 5 pairs in various "shopping carts" as we speak!! Let's see, I have a pair of Burberry espadrilles in a Neiman's "cart," a pair of Pedro Garcia flats, and like 3 various pairs of sandals and wedges on Zappos.
  14. Me too!!! I do that with shoes, bags, jewelry, clothes, cars... you name it! LOL!
  15. Oh my gosh, I totally do this too! Not just online though--there are times that I'll go into stores to see if something I loved is still there, and maybe marked down LOL...and if I do it too many times, I think it's an indication that it's time to just buy it before I regret it and lose it.