Tech Am I the only one who does not use their phone as a camera? SUGGESTIONS 4 camera???

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  1. I dont know why , I just cant seem to get into taking pics with my phone. I know many people do but, I cant do it. Can someone please tell me what digital camera do you find the best. I have been through 4 Digital cameras. HORRIBLE when I get them developed. Red eye, fuzziness, etc. I feel like I just want to buy an old 35 mm. I mean I have all these pics of when i was a kid, I feel that my children are going to miss out. Please suggest an affordable DG that can give me great pics when I take them to CVS or walmart??? PLEASE
  2. I don't use cellphone for pix unless I have to, the quality is still not as good as DC. My favorite is Cannon Powershot series, it's not as sleek as Sony but love the quality it brings.
  3. thanks classic chic!!
  4. Another one for the Canon Powershot. It takes excellent photos! Very clear. somtimes too clear lol

    I hate using my camera phone! I use it sometimes because I forget to charge my digital camera
  5. thanks Jahpson. I am going to get it!!!! Thanks everyone for your help. Anyone else suggest this camera as well. I am so excited
  6. i use my blackberry to take pic sometimes so i can send it to friends or to put on internet.
    but nothing beats a real camera.

    i give a high recommendation to leica d-lux4 for pocket camera.
    it's an amazing camera, the lens are great and the video quality is good too

  7. Canon & Sony... pretty much the most popular, best-selling camera brands out there. You can't really go wrong with one from them.

    And you aren't the only one who doesn't use their phone as a camera! I hate using my BlackBerry as a camera as quality sucks.
  8. One of my other phones has a 5MP camera but I get too lazy to use it as one. I end up using my Canon SD870i than the phonecam.
  9. If you want quality photos, phones are not the way to go. I would recommend Canon Powershot or Fuji Finepix.
  10. Ken Rockwell has some amazing stuff on photography. Plus comprehensive down to earth reviews on equipment.

    That page made me understand the most basic thing about photography: it's not about the equipment at all. You can take great shots with anything, if you know how.

    That said, phone cameras are difficult to use. They are capable of great photos, but not in the conditions that most people use them in, i.e. moving subjects, artificial lighting etc.

    Any point and shoot will do fine for holiday pics and family events. That Leica above is nice and Canons are good too. One thing to remember is to forget about megapixels. Higher is not better, 6 is more than enough. With such small sensors you just get more noise with higher megapixels. Don't be fooled by digital zoom either, that is quite useless.

    That was a bit long, but I suggest that you think about your price range and see what the shops have to offer.
  11. Another vote for Canon Powershot. I have the SD790 IS, 10 megapixel, and it takes amazing photos. I think it was about $180.

  12. A lot of people in to photography do not think highly of Ken Rockwell. Do not take his word as gospel but it is interesting reading. I highly recommend DPReview (although the layout of their forums could use some work) and for Canon-centric (but still some very good general info) Photography on the Net.

    As for the OP, what do you have in mind in terms of price range and what you will use the camera for? Canon Powershots are very good cameras for casual shooting.
  13. I used Olympus cameras for years, but last year I got my first Canon PowerShot SD790IS. It's taken excellent pictures so far. We're camera twins, Giraffe!
  14. I rarely use the camera on my phone but I have seen some amazing shots others have taken with the same phone.

    And yes I am on the Canon Powershot. I have it with me ALL the time. It is so small, has great features, and is pretty hard to mess a picture.

    I have had a Sony as well and it was good too but I like my Canon better.
  15. I have the Canon Powershot SD750, Ive had it for like 3 years and i dont intend on getting rid of it until it breaks or I break it lol. The pictures from it are amazing and you can pick one up very cheap. I can post a few pics from it if you would like.