Am I the only one who does not like the LV BH?

  1. I purchased the LV BH a couple of months ago thinking that I would love it. When I was at the LV shop, I kept going back and forth between the BH and BV. The SA told me that the BH was the nicer and most popular one. So I went with it. I used it for about a week straight and I really don't like the bag for me. I find it too structured for me. I know that there are people that love it and that's great. I really really tried to like this bag and I just couldn't. I just sold it on eBay and purchased the Speedy Mini Lin in brown. I adore this bag! Anyway, am I the only one who doesn't like the BH? Looking back, I think I would have preferred the regular Batignolles or the BV before the BH. Anyway, I was just wondering. For the record, those of you that love the BH - I am very happy for you. It's a lovely bag but just not for me. (I don't want it to seem like I am trying to offend anyone). THanks.
  2. I don't see anything wrong with not liking it. See, I'm the opposite. I really love the BH, but I really did not find that the BV was for me. There was just something about it. I think it was too long for me (i'm short) and not comfortable to wear.

    To each his own. But congratulations on your new Speedy! I'm happy that you love that bag!!
  3. I bought this bag too, when it first came out, but I was always so self-conscious of an "open" top bag. I also found the straps annoying, so I returned it. I later settled for the LV horizontal lockit, and have never regretted my decision. Thank God Vuitton makes SO MANY different styles for everyone's picky tastes !!!!!!
  4. Not every bagis for everyone , just because it is popular doesnt mean anything, I have 2 mini lin speedys, I love them . I wish I liked the regular mono cause there are so many styles I would love to have in Damier . Enjoy your new bag.
  5. i am on the fence about the BH. i like it when i see it on other people, but i don't think i'd ever buy the bag. it doesn't suit me.
  6. I remember my first trip to LV .. I went with the intention of buying the BH of PH... wasn't for me when I tried it on though. I too chose a speedy - fortunately LV makes soo many styles so there really is something for every style/taste!
  7. at first I loved it, but its too popular now, just like the speedy's! but I do love both styles of bags, just I like to have different things than others
  8. I think that it is a great bag, but I sold mine. Different strokes for different folks...there are several LV's that do not appeal to me.
  9. I have a BH and I love it but there are bags out there that others LOVE and I can't stand. That is why LV is so great there is something for everyone.
  10. No, you're not the only one. I've never been a fan of it. I understand its appeal and functionality but it's just not my style.

    Everyonr looks great "modeling" it on this forum, though. I love the pictures.
  11. I can't do shoulder bags....the straps are always falling off. Congrats on your speedy!!! I love the speedy!!!
  12. I had a Batignolles (the hand-held) and loved it for about 6 months and wound up selling it. I loved it when I saw it sitting on the display shelf but when I started carrying it around, the straps on the sides kept gaping open and it drove me nuts! I'd think that the BH and BV probably does the same but you can't really see it because it's on your shoulder. Not a fan at all.
  13. I hate that it doesn't close so that items aren't secure. Also, I think it's boring. It looks like a shopping bag and not a purse. Most people love the BH & BV's. I never understood the attracton either, but that's why they have so many styles to choose from. Everyone has different tastes, which is good. Otherwise we'd all be carrying the same bag around.
  14. Well no worries others posted there are tons of options! I happen to adore my BH but if someone else doesn't like it who cares? Glad you got what is best for YOU.
  15. BH or BV its the same bag, just a little different shape. I think if you dont like one you wont like the other. personally I think the BV is too deep, reason for getting the BH. I think the more you use the more it will soften, it will never be as soft as the mini lin. But that is the same as going the mono speedy is too structured and stiff compared to the mini lin.