Am I the only one who can't stand lip gloss?

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  1. Everyone is talking about lip gloss everywhere, I know my mom hates it just as much as I do.. just wondering are there any others out there who can't stand it?
  2. I like some lip glosses (the ones that aren't overly sticky) but I've recently come to realize that the thought of constantly tossing a brush back into the goop and reusing it grosses me out. Especially after I just got over a nasty cold. (Can't imagine what the germ count is like in a tube of gloss!) I don't want to keep giving myself my cold back and it seems like a waste of money to toss out so much lip gloss every couple of months. Not sure what the alternative is...guess I'll have to go back to lip stick (easier to sanitize after a cold).
  3. I'm not big on lip gloss when it's goopy, but I do like lip gloss when it's moisturizing and gives a hint of color.
  4. OMG I never thought of that LOL you have put me right off my lip glosses, but sure there would be germs on the lipstick also although not so many I suppose. Just don't use it when you have a cold, get some vaseline. I love lip gloss but a good one that won't go gungy. I am using YSL Golden Gloss at the minute like the ones with brushes not the applicator ones.
  5. I don't think it looks good on guys, but I think cute girls look cute with it. If you have small lips, it sometimes looks a bit messy though.
  6. i love the look of lipgloss, but its disgusting when its on your lips. and when you drink with it on. whenever i drink with lipgloss, it tastes as though im swallowing wax. bleah.
  7. I don't have a lot going for me but I do admit, I have awesome lips! It is my favorite part of my body and I have the lipstick collection to prove it!! :o)
  8. Miss E A, I cannot stand lip gloss either! You are not alone! I just got the Prescriptives lip balm in vanilla hoping it would not feel like lip gloss but it does. I'm bummed...
  9. I tried on all of the favorites listed on this forum, Chanel, Dior, Lancome, etc. None of them stay on. All of them are pretty sheer. You might as well go with a tinted lip balm that is cheap. Neautrogena's moisture lipstick is not bad - I bought one at 50% off - $4.00 in a nuetral.

    I bought some C O Bigelow favorite lip balm and a tinted one. I think the ones with sunscreen irritate more than they help.

    Target puts all of the chapstick types on sale for around $1-$2.
  10. In recent years I have grown to love it. But in the past, I was never a fan.
  11. I hated it because it was so goopy and sticky and all around gross. Then I discovered by Terry and saw the light.

    To the person grossed by using their gloss when sick, perhaps you can collect a tiny disposable lipbrush and a sample size of your fave colour?

  12. That was me! Thanks for the idea! I'm probably going to do that from now on since I can't predict when I'm going to get sick and the germs don't begin the day you get sick!!!
  13. I always thought it was just me as well! But no, you are not alone. I can't stand it on my self, and every time I try to like it, I end up blotting, and reapplying a bit of lipstick to take away the megashine! It just isn't flattering on me, although on other people, it seems fine.

  14. I don't like it either. I like regular lipsticks/lip liners that don't move and stay put !
  15. I use chapstick or lip gloss pretty much constantly, especially in winter :p