Am I the only one who buys, returns, exchanges over and over and over???

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  1. I've been driving my hubby crazy for weeks now so finally started leaving him out of my buying/returning/exchanging transactions. Now I'm starting to drive myself crazy!

    I live in the boonies, so usually buy everything online. Normally, it works out great for me. With LV, I am having such a struggle! I study the images online; look them up on ebay for better views; make little paper "life-sized" pieces of what I'm thinking of -- basically, I really think hard about what I want!

    Now in the last few weeks, I have spent over $2400 at elux and over half of that is on it's way back now. I find myself just dying for something and yet when it comes in, I'm very disappointed or just don't like it or in the meantime I've seen something else I like better.

    Is it just me??? Does anybody else do this?

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  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one!!!:shame:
  3. I am so normal!:love:
    I do the same thing and my Husband gets SO :censor: MAD...only because I make him drive me BACK to the stores:lol: ...If he is with me when I buy something I FEEL RUSHED KWIM...and when I get home I don't like/want the item....So I make him take me back
    BUT when I am BY MYSELF I have no one to blame but me AND my a.d.d. :lol: I LOVE the BAG TILL i see SOMETHING NEW .. THEN I TAKE IT BACK..My DH says to me Aren't you embarrased returning things to Saks ALL THE TIME....I SAID NO:cry: ...I said I always buy something else,,its not like I use the bag for along time then return it and when I return I always buy something else that cost ALOT more:shame:

  5. I buy, get bored within 5 months (max) and sell to buy another bag - and I only do this with LV. I hate that I do that - I finally feel satisfied with my collection - I hope this lasts!
  6. welcome to my world, haha!
  7. No. I don't really like returning things - I usually think pretty hard if I want it or not, and try it on. If I like it, I buy it - no regrets.
  8. I do this so often people at my work say I "rent" purses! I just have to get the bag home and play with it before I know it it's a keeper or not. Speaking of renting, has anyone tried those rent-a-bag dealers on the internet??
  9. i hate returning things so i think a purse over until it would drive a normal person mad. never one regret.
  10. are you talking about that bag borrow or steal website? i saw that on something (the view maybe). anyway...nevermind. i think i completely lost my thought there. :hrmm:
  11. Most of the time I would wear the bag right out of the store so there is no returning/exchanging it!!!:lol: I can't buy on line (eLux doesn't ship to Canada) and I won't do a charge/send because I HATE waiting for stuff to arrive, so my only option IS the store and chances are it's love at first site for me and I simply HAVE to use it right away!!!:shame:
  12. I don't do it with major purchases like LV (have to think long and hard and save for a specific item) but I do with smaller purchases. Today I returned bunch of martini glasses and got tumblers. I kept going back and forth on which to get. They are really pretty, made locally from recycled glass. The tumblers were just so much more colorful! but I kept two of the martini glasses for DH and I just in case! :graucho: So, yes, I know what you mean! ;)
  13. I am super picky about what bags I get. But I will impulse buy clothes, household stuff and everything else! If I don't wear or use the item in two weeks, it goes back.
  14. Thank you for those who understand!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one -- I am beginning to think that elux has started a "file" on me or something though. :angel:

    With my local stores, I will very very rarely return something. It's so much more personal I guess plus I know most of the store owners. So I refrain from impulse buying as much as possible in these shops -- and the impulse buys I DO make are usually great ones.

    The one item that has really gotten to me is the dang mono Koala wallet. I wanted it, finally ordered it, got it, LOVED it, stressed out over the price for it, returned it -- and now I've just reordered it. :shame:
  15. I know what you mean. I order a lot from elux and it is hard to not be able to see it IRL. You don't know if you like it until you get it. My closest LV is almost an hour away so sometimes I try to go there to try on bags so I'll know if I like it. Then I can order from elux and save on tax. Thank goodness for elux's 60 day return period!