Am I the Only one waiting !?

  1. I was just wondering if I am the only waiting for the Mini Lily in Camel? I know Tinks got hers on eBay for such a great deal! Does everybody like or love there black med. Lilys?
    I hope all this long waiting is worth it! when I could have been sporting the black all along! Does anybody have any thoughts that have her and do you think camel is going to be to light colored and she will dirty easily?please! I really like to know your thoughts!
    should I keep waiting or just go order the black in the store!?:s
  2. I just bought a khaki legacy satchel from the outlet , which is similar to the camel color, and alot of the bags were already getting dirty on the corners. I found one that wasn't too bad, but I have a feeling it's going to show the dirt which no doubt will bother me!
    I am hoping the smaller Lily will come out in more colors so I am holding off for now. I don't need another black bag, but that would probably be the one I would choose because of the "dirt" factor! :yes:
    ETA ...if you order the black you can get the 25% because it's already in stock. They won't give the discount for b/o items!
  3. Thanx for your help! I Have a PCE Card and its says it is good until DEC 29th . I went to the store and asked the SA/ Manager what her thoughts and she said they are sloted to get that handbag dec26th they dont have her yet she said its probaly coming either fri or mon. So i guess I will make my decsion on wed when i see the black and camel. I hope I still get the discount! The Manager thinks the camel will be a little darker! We will see!
  4. Hi MaryG-

    At some stores they already have the Camel in back waiting to come out on the floor (can't remember who told me that). However, like all limited bags the med. Lily will probably only be at a handful of stores (Galleria Houston, 5th Ave NYC, Somerset MI, etc...)

    I highly recommend that you go first thing on Wed. the 26th and try to order the Carmel using your card. If that doesn't work go ahead and get the Black and then exchange it later.

    She should be able to do an exchange for the same product different color without a price increase, right? SAs?
  5. Thanx for your input . I am working wed. can you beleive it! come to think of it I doubt my store is even getting the the med lily the SA was just saying that. I work right by the mall though I was going to take a early lunch around 1100 just go to coach and leave. I am sure it will take me a full hour just to get in. I am going to try it ! Do you think the med lily is only come out in the flagship stores? I saw your posting Coach freak of your med black lily and other handbags you have. You have such great taste!
  6. Thanks for the compliment. Yea, I think the Med Lily will only come to Flagship (I can never remember that label for the BIG stores), but they can find one for you. If you didn't have the PCE I would have suggested a list you could just call to see if they could do a store ship. However, to get the 25% it is likely you will need to physically go to your store and have them do the store ship. That is what I had to do to get my BF the Felicia shipped from Michigan Ave in Chicago. I ALWAYS do phone orders from them, but the guy I spoke to wouldn't do the PCE phone order even though others do it for me all the time. I had to go to The Woodlands and have them fax the PCE order to the Chicago store since they were the only one (in the 7 stores I called) that still had one.