am I the only one waiting for call from her Saks SA for navy reissue??

  1. I am dying for my 227 navy metallic reissue :confused1: our Saks chanel trunk show was on January 31, I dropped in to see and she had already put my name #1 on her waitlist for this bag (she is awesome). She couldn't give me an exact drop day but said soon.

    have any of you gotten your 227 navy metallic reissues from Saks? If so, should I be worried or do stores get them at different times? TIA, Trish
  2. Saks didn't order the Navy metallic reissues in 227 size...they only got the Navy Metallics in the larger size - the 228. They got the Purple Reissues in 225 size.

    Chanel Boutiques have the 227 in Navy Blue. Mine arrived today.
  3. ya, that's what i thought
  4. yeah, unfortunately that's ture, so try NM or boutique before it's all gone, good luck!
  5. I feel ya! I'm waiting for the call from NM re: navy reissue in 227 before I decide if I prefer it in 228. It's agonizing to wait after seeing all the beauties on the forum! But I guess it gives me time to save for money for the dark red reissue (I hope I get THAT call!)
  6. ok, so perhaps the one I saw at the trunk show was the new 228 size? I didn't specifically ask which size but it was defintiely larger than my 227's from last season. My SA is great about getting me bags but she is not up on the exact style number and size of every bag like you tpf'ers are, so perhaps what I WANTED was in fact the larger size, i carry everything but the kitchen sink and she knows i like big bags.

    does anyone have an old 227 and a new 228 to show side by side? Or can you give me the measurements of the new 227 and the new 228?? Pls help, cuz I might just get a 227 at a chanel boutique jusut in case I don't like the larger 228 when it comes in to i have both to be safe...

    TIA! Trish
  7. You can check out my thread for photos of the Navy 227. I was also on the list at Saks for the 228 and I havent gotten the call yet so I opted to go for the 227.

    Metallic Navy 227 thread