Am I the only one.. to be doing THIS? LOL!

  1. Call me mad, but I just love and keep doing it! I am wearing my new Pigalles 70mm around my bedroom and feeling like I'm on cloud number 9! Crazy or is my love for CL growing so much that I seem to be doing this to every new pair of CLs recently! First were my nude patent Yoyos, then black patent VPs and now these! LOL, I was just wondering... am I the ONLY ONE doing this?? :roflmfao:
  2. No way. I've been known to do the laundry in pj's and a new pair of Louboutins.

    My bf usually tries to make fun of me, but I know he's secretly like, I'm such a lucky man who has a gf who wears heels around to do house chores.

  3. No, I do it too! I love being in love with a new pair of CLs!
  4. I do the same thing as you hahaha.:blush::blush::blush:
  5. Haha me too!
    Ironing, Cleaning, Laundry.. I do it all in Louboutins!:girlsigh:
  6. I always tell people I wear my CLs while washing dishes, folding the laundry, etc. because I love them so much! I can be in my PJs or sweats while wearing the best shoes around the house.
  7. LOL ladies! thank goodness I AM NOT ALONE! i am wearing my yoyos hopefully snugging them and i'm in PJs tooo! unbelievable and yes every time my mom or sis enters my room, i'll take my shoes off and pretend. LOL
  8. I too do my laundry in CLs! Or any other errands around my house! I just love my shoes so much that I never want to take them off... Don't worry ladydeluxe we are all crazy in love with our shoes too!!:p
  9. I do it to. It's a good way to break them in, plus I just love them. I wore my new black patent wedges yesterday. When I got home I got tickled because I realized that I wiped them down so carefully it was like covering up a crime scene. I bet there is not even any of my DNA left on those babies.
  10. ^ LOL! you wore the miminette or miss boxe? i have a pair of black patent miss boxe and i absolutely love them! they are the only CLs i wear so much b/c they are simply so classy yet simple and comfy!
  11. They are the three inch wedge, peanut maybe? They are very comfy and classy. They are styles more like the miss boxe, but have a patent wedge. I am so glad I got them. I hope they come out in some good spring colors. I could see these in nude.:tup:
  12. ^ i saw them in nude here but in peep toes version! my miss boxe has a patent wedge too :smile:
  13. I do the same thing with my CLs! I always wear them around my carpeted apartment to make sure they are comfortable before I decide to keep them. The fiance does think it's a little strange that I prance around in sweats or pjs and a pair of CLs.
  14. lol
    has anyone tried cooking for their man/bf in their highest CL's
    w/ matching boy shorts + bra?
    let me tell you....
    you wouldn't even be able to finish cooking
    because your man can't resist having their hands off of you

    they will be like this the whole time: :drool:
  15. I do this as well in my Little House gowns.