Am i the only one that thinks the azur 25 is bigger than a mono 25?

  1. About a year ago I was driving myself nuts trying to decide between a mono 25 or 30... I had wished there was a speedy 27. Well call me nuts but I swear the azur speedy 25 is more like a speedy 27. It looks bigger on me than the mono 25. And if you view it from the ends the azur looks wider and not skinny and "tall" like the mono speedy 25. the opening is larger also. It feels sturdier too because in interior canvas is a bit thicker. I'm sitting here now wonderinf if its really actually a bit bigger or it just visually looks that way because of the pattern? sort of like how <--------> is visually looks longer than >--------< :shrugs:
  2. i thought the azur looked bigger too when I saw pics of fellow tpfers modelling them. But when I got my azur 30 I was super shocked of the smaller size compared to my mono first I thought OMG, I got a azur 25...
  3. Well, that makes two of us... :p (j/k)

    Epi Speedy 25 is actually bigger than the Mono Speedy 25. :yes:

    I'm sure there will be someone that can post pics or do a search. There's many topics on this one.
  4. I think it's only because the Azur is a very light color. So it makes it look bigger. But I've compared them at the LV boutique and they're the same size. :yes:
  5. ^ Yea, I figured it was a visual thing but nevertheless everyone loves pics so here they are: =P



  6. ^thanks for posting the pics....they look like the same size.
  7. I'm thinking the pattern and color make it look bigger but they are the same size
  8. dark colors are slimming =)
  9. Thanks for the pics. Maybe it is the pattern that makes it look a lil bigger.
  10. HaHa, they look the same size side by side. The brighter color of the azur makes it look larger.
  11. ITA!
  12. :yes:
  13. ok... it's getting late for me. I'm a doofus.
    I thought the original question was for the Epi and Mono...
    So I see it is for the Azur and Mono instead...

    Just ignore me... I'm in La-La land. :tispy:

  14. awww- it's like looking at *Fraternal Twins!*

    They look the same to me- the white on the Azur makes it appear larger.
  15. I love side-by-side shots!

    Thanks for posting... visuals are always appreciated!