Am I the only one that loves my Betty!

  1. Just bought the large Betty Satchel from NM on Sale for 720.00!!!:yahoo: It is Chamois. A few of my friends said they weren't crazy about it, as did my husband. I think it is delicious!!!! I wonder though if it is worth having a bag that I love but no one else seems to appreciate:sad:
  2. It's always great to have a bag you love, especially if you love it AND it was a bargain. Friends and hubby won't be carrying it and they may just have less good taste than you have!!
  3. I love the Betty - I want either a chocolate or black hobo. They are gorgeous bags - loads of lovely pockets. Enjoy your bag!
  4. If you love it, you should keep it. Having a pretty, stylish bag just makes me feel good about myself - it doesn't matter what other people think.

    My DH thinks I'm insane in general because of my bag addiction - but he also thinks it's cute. :p (He's not one to talk - he loves comic books and video games! And I won't tell you how old he is!)

    Anyhow, I digress. The Betty is such a pretty and functional bag. It holds a ton and can be worn on the shoulder. The pockets make it so useful. I say keep it! But you know that we are all just a bunch of enablers here....LOL!
  5. All that matters is if "You" love it :smile:
    can't please everyone all the time ;) so enjoy your bag!! and congrats :yahoo:
  6. Another Betty lover here! You got a great deal on it and if you love it, keep it! I use mine regularly. It's a versatile bag that can be carried on the shoulder as well as on the arm. I love the many pockets, and how the bag can hold quite a bit. Since it's somewhat structured it keeps everything organized, and it looks so chic, too!
  7. I absolutely LOVE my Betty!! Just got her less than 2 weeks ago, second owner and I want another already!
  8. I love both of my chain handled ones. I wouldn't mind having a third either. But I have to say that I get the least amount of comments on them. Maybe because they don't shout "IT-BAG"??? The purse that gets the most attention in my collection so far is the cheetah print calf hair Prada bag. Men love it for some reason.
  9. Oh it's so gorgeous, congrats! I adore my Python Betty!
  10. I'm keeping it...but wow chodessa! love your betty! Mine does not have the chain handle and is not the metallic....but I still love it!
  11. I just bought the mini Betty in whiskey on sale at Aloha Rag and I LOVE IT!:smile: Even though it is not a large bag, it holds an incredible amount and I can carry it over my arm or shoulder. If you love your Betty you should keep it as they are super bags!
  12. Thanks, your betty was a steal for that enjoy it!!:p
  13. I think Betty is adorable. Congrats!
  14. I pulled mine out today. Wore it with pride.
  15. Yep, I love my Betty to bits :love: